The Ultimate Laura Ingalls Wilder Road Trip

The Ultimate Laura Ingalls Wilder Road Trip! 🚙🏞

Hey all! I’m super excited to share this with you ~ my BFF Sarah recently took this amazing road trip visiting a bunch of Laura Ingalls Wilder sites, really diving into a passion of her daughter’s. This is what homeschooling is all about! She graciously agreed to share with us some photos of her journey, along with links & prices, so we can follow in her footsteps with our own Little House fans! {She was traveling with her husband, 10 year old daughter, 3 year old son, and 1 year old daughter.} Continue reading below to see what Sarah had to say:  We just took the Read More

How to Organize a Homeschool Co-op ~ Our Cozy Den

How to Plan a Homeschool Co-op 📋📚✅

My family moves around a lot — all part and parcel of the military life. In all that moving, I have organized and run four very different co-ops in the various places that we have called home, with varying degrees of success. I’m going to give you a rundown on how to throw one together, how to choose the overall feel of your co-op, and how to learn from some of the mistakes I’ve made so you can avoid them! Now — this is a LONG post — and it can get overwhelming if you read it all and your head starts to swim. If Read More

My Favorite Apps 📱 {& how I organize them!}

My Favorite Apps 📱 {& how I organize them!}

Like any smart phone user, I love apps. There are so many nifty little things that make my life easier on a daily basis. But something I don’t like? Searching for them. Scrolling through pages and pages of apps is SO annoying. Delete one, and they all move around. Pick up your spouse’s phone to do a google search, and you can’t find anything because it’s a hot mess. About a year ago, I started really taking advantage of iPhone’s folders (honestly, I have no idea if Android devices do this or not, I’ve never had one). Instead of having several pages of apps, I made it my Read More

Our 2017 Budget ~ Our Cozy Den

Our New Family Budget 💵 {we let the KIDS plan it!}

The past month has been a BIG month for our family! My husband graduated from seminary, completing his Masters of Divinity. This new phase of life brings some changes in our family budget (and schedule), as his finishing school means we no longer get a housing allowance from the military. (Read more about that in the benefits page here.) In order for the kids to understand why our lifestyle would be changing a little (fewer upgrades in the grocery store, fewer movies out and restaurants) — I wanted them to have a say in how we allocate our budget. I started by having the kids Read More

💍🎉Ways We Keep Marriage FUN! 💏💞

💍🎉Ways We Keep Marriage FUN! 💏💞

My handsome husband and I have been married twelve and a half years now. In those years, we’ve survived the births of 4 children, 2 deployments, countless other military separations, 8 homes in 2 countries, and a million other ups and downs along the way! While we are not perfect — we certainly have our little spats here and there — we have managed to keep our marriage a place of respect, love, and FUN! Yes, even though we have the heavy responsibilities of raising and homeschooling these four miracles, pastoring one church, planting another, and running a ministry and a blog, we make time Read More

How (& why!) to Send Documents to Kindle 📄📲 ~ Our Cozy Den

How (& why!) to Send Documents to Kindle 📄📲

I’m a busy busy mom. Sometimes I barely have time to gather my thoughts before they’re racing in another direction. Homeschooling four kids is no cake walk, so I take all the shortcuts I can get. This is one of my favorite time-saving life hacks: sending documents to my Kindle devices for easy access! It’s not a new concept. Kindle has had this feature for years. But I realized recently that a lot of people didn’t know about it when I shared with my Thursday afternoon Bible Study group that they could do it with the new book we were reading (which was in ebook Read More

How to Plan a Great Homeschool Campout {with FREE printable itinerary!}

How to Plan a Homeschool Campout ⛺️ {with FREE printable itinerary!📋}

We are rather new to camping. We started in 2015, when our youngest was just about to turn 4. He was potty trained and old enough to skip naps if needed, and it seemed the perfect time to venture into the great outdoors >>gulp<< overnight. My husband and I had both camped as kids, but it is NOT the same thing as an adult, being responsible for feeding people without a kitchen and packing all of the necessary gear. But we managed to survive a night in our local area, later to be followed by 10 days of touring the beautiful Great Lakes. The following Spring Read More

Save Money 💰 by Buying Groceries Online 🖥📦

Save Money 💰 by Buying Groceries Online 🖥📦

A few months ago, Walmart rolled out a new plan to combat the ever-growing monster known as Amazon. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Amazon, but they don’t always have the best deals one groceries and perishables. When they do, it’s a little more complicated with the Subscribe & Save options, getting 5 items before your ship date for the extra savings,  and having to remember to cancel. (Read more about how to save on Amazon here.) One of the reasons I love Walmart’s new plan is because it’s SO EASY. I can pull it up on my phone and get a box of groceries delivered Read More