train table

DIY Train Table

My littlest guy Finn is almost 2 and a half – and he loves things that move: planes, trains, & automobiles. We have a train set from when Connor was younger that has been put away, and I am going to get it out for Christmas for Finn. New to him, cheap for me! I wanted to get him one of those fun train tables to go with it, but I was flabbergasted at the price. Like this one and this one! Yikes!!! My Christmas budget is $40 a kid for ALL of their gifts, so obviously I can’t spend hundreds on just one gift. Even Read More


Niagara Falls Mission Trip – part 3: Canada

The final part of our trip: Canada! The drive from my house to Niagara Falls is about 5.5-6 hours either way – driving through Pennsylvania/New York, or driving through Canada/Michigan. So we decided to head through Canada on the way back, so we could check another country off our list! Crossing the border took 30-45 minutes both times. A short drive later, and we arrived at our destination: Toronto! Downtown Toronto was SO pretty!  The kids loved the moose on the juice.  We went to the top of the magnificent CN Tower!  And we stood on the famous glass floor!  Connor lying down on the Read More


Taking the Train to Paris

While my mom was here, we decided to hop over to Paris for a few days. We took the train, because the 7 of us wouldn’t fit comfortably in our minivan for that long (about 6 hours driving) and the train was slightly faster (about 5.5 hours). It was our first experience taking the train in Germany, because usually we just drive. It’s much cheaper than taking the train, even when counting gas and parking fees. Many people had recommended that when buying our tickets we go down to the train station to get them. Then we can explain what we want without trying to navigate Read More