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Why We Got a Mortgage 🏡 {when we could’ve paid cash💰}

Here on the blog, I try to be very transparent about our finances, our budget, & our spending. I think it really helps people to see that it’s possible to live a frugal lifestyle if they can see exactly how much we spend, what our weekly grocery budget looks like, and other details about our lives. Lately, we’ve found ourselves in a (slightly-stressful) and different financial situation from our normal, so I thought I’d be open with you all about that too! Our Recent Transition On this date 3 years ago, we paid cash for a home. We had just moved to Findlay, Ohio so that Read More


Taxes – planning ahead

Now that you know the basics of how a tax form works, we can talk a little about how to plan ahead to make your 1040 work for you even more. Deduction Bunching Bunching your deductions is what people call it when they itemize every other year and take the standard deduction in the in-between years. To do this, people save up their deductions for 2008 (when they don’t need them since they are taking the standard deduction) and use them in 2009. You can’t carry them over or anything, it takes a lot of planning. Deductions are deductible in the year paid, so you just need Read More


Taxes – the basics

I have been doing taxes for several years now (six, to be exact). In my experience, I have come to realize that taxes terrify people. They are so afraid of making a mistake trying to do it themselves that they pay other people to do it for them or they use software to walk them through it. Here’s my advice: Learn the basics. It’s not that hard to do. Once you get the concept and know the vocabulary, then it’s pretty simple, really. And don’t use software unless you already know what you’re doing. This past tax season, probably around 40% of my work was Read More