FREE printable clothing needs list for yard sale & clearance shopping ~ from Our Cozy Den

FREE Printable Clothing Needs List for Yard Sale or Clearance Shopping!

How many times do you see an awesome deal at a yard sale or on a clearance rack and you want to buy it… but then you think, “Wait. Do I already have jeans/sandals/pjs in this size???”  I had this issue ALL the time, until I started carrying around with me this handy list! It’s easy to keep in my purse and I can pull it out whenever I see a good deal to make sure the item(s) in question are something I really need! Here’s how to use it: • First, circle Girl or Boy at the top of the page, so you know what Read More


FREE Spring Desktop Organizer

I love a neat & organized computer desktop — who doesn’t, right? A few years ago I discovered the idea of using your wallpaper to organize your icons. It’s so simple: make an organizing photo your background, and then drag your icons to the appropriate sections. I started making fun organizers here on the blog, and my Autumn and Winter organizers were a huge hit. So today, it being the 1st of April and all, I decided to share a Spring organizer with you all! Here is what my desktop looks like, all neat and organized: Click here to download the Spring Desktop Organizer for Read More


FREE Winter Desktop Organizer

You may remember that I posted back in September about my Autumn desktop organizer for my computer. I just LOVE how easy it makes my organizing and how pretty it makes my desktop! Here’s how to use it: Download my free winter desktop organizer here. Go to your computer’s settings and make the photo your wallpaper. Drag and drop your icons to the appropriate snowflakes! Easy, right? This is what mine looks like once I got it all set up. It’s so nice to have things sorted into different categories, and it’s SO much easier to find things when I need them, without having a Read More