How to Write a Budget {and actually USE it!} from Our Cozy Den

How To Write a Budget {and actually USE it!}

Ah, yes… dreaded B word: Budget. People think of a budget and they cringe. Budgets are restrictive. No fun. Too hard. Well, I tend to disagree. When done properly, budgets give you an immense sense of freedom! Before we had a written budget each month, I would feel so guilty about every penny I spent that I didn’t feel was vital to the family. Every time I bought myself a book, a shirt, or lunch out with my friends… I felt plagued with feelings like “We can’t afford this.” or “I shouldn’t be spending this money.” Once we had a written plan in place, it Read More


HUGE list of New Dimension Educational Videos on Amazon Prime

[edit 1/5/17] When I originally generated this post a few years ago, I was going off of a list that a fellow homeschooling mom emailed to me. It has come to my attention that the list below originally came from the talented homeschool blogger Charlotte at The Homeschooler’s Helper. She has graciously agreed to let me keep up this post for everyone’s benefit! Please take a minute to hop over to her blog and show her some love! I love supplementing our homeschool lessons with videos. They bring the lesson to life in a way that textbooks never can! I found this amazing resource called New Dimension Read More


5 Creative Ways to Save: Entertainment!

Today we’re continuing with my series “5 Creative Ways to Save” — first we talked about ways to save on Christmas. Then I told you some of my favorite strategies to save on dinner. Now let’s talk about how to have some frugal fun, and save some money on entertainment! Creative Strategy #1: Find Free Events Our family has SO much fun out and about in our community at various events. Most of them are FREE to attend, and many even include free food, crafts, activities, goody bag-type toys, and more! I find most of these events on Facebook. If you log into your Facebook Read More