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🌟FREE🌟 US Presidents Homeschool Curriculum! 🇺🇸

A few weeks ago, I shared with everyone our 2018 Homeschool Curriculum choices. In that post, I briefly mentioned that we’re doing a U.S. Presidents study with all four kids this year. We’ve been using Story of the World history for several years, and while I love it, it does not go into very great detail about American presidents. So I decided to supplement our history lessons this year with an in-depth look at all 45 Presidents. I want the kids to at least be familiar with all of them on some level! I’m going to give you a rundown on how we do this — Read More


Simple & FREE Weight Loss Strategies

Losing weight is HARD. If it were easy, people wouldn’t make it their New Year’s Resolution year after year… after year. Personally, my weight is a huge struggle for me. I have a disease called PCOS that makes it nearly impossible for me to lose weight and almost inherent for me to pack on the pounds. It seems that no matter what I do, I’ll never be a thin girl. But something I have noticed is that when I make an effort to keep myself healthy, I feel better, even if I don’t look it. I have more energy. I have a more optimistic attitude. I have fewer Read More


FREE Printable Breakfast Menu

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I’m moving! For that reason, several things have been going on while we prepare to buy a new house, sell our current one, and pack everything up! Those things are: the blog hit the back burner for a few weeks we took a short break from homeschooling (yay, flexibility!) and my “meal planning” has been more along the lines of “oh, crap… it’s dinner time again”. So for that reason, I’m going to tell you one of my favorite hacks. Breakfast for dinner.  It’s not a new concept. Moms have been serving eggs and cereal Read More


FREE Magic School Bus Science Curriculum

I think most people know that The Magic School Bus is an awesome educational resource — jam-packed full of science facts and lessons, packaged in a way that kids love: fun, engaging, and entertaining. But how do we turn an educational television show into a full-on science curriculum? I’m here to share how we did it in our home! I was able to find some great worksheets to go with the episodes (credit to them here), but figuring out how to actually turn it into a curriculum was a big hot mess. I spent a lot of hours compiling and organizing everything and writing lesson plans Read More


More Than Words for Moms {Review & Giveaway!}

I love words. Seriously LOVE them. My chosen career path upon leaving high school was to become a crypto-linguist with US Army Military Intelligence. During that job, I learned and used foreign languages, which are a huge passion of mine. I speak several of them, and even in English, my native tongue, I love dissecting words. I like to break them down and discover what they mean, where they came from, and how they can apply in different contexts. When I heard about this Bible study More Than Words For Moms, I knew that it would be a perfect fit for me! Instead of just reading Bible Read More


Weekly Menu: July 10th – 16th

Recently I did something I’ve never done before: I bought some groceries online! Here’s a little breakdown on how some of the different Amazon programs can save $$ on groceries. Amazon: Let me tell you about some of the different pricing options on Amazon: Subscribe & Save: This means that you are signing up for an automatic shipment in a few months. The good thing is that you can cancel as soon as your order ships, so you’re not obligated to stay on or purchase anything further. (I write in my date book to cancel, so I don’t forget!) For purchasing 1-4 S&S items in a calendar Read More


HUGE list of New Dimension Educational Videos on Amazon Prime

[edit 1/5/17] When I originally generated this post a few years ago, I was going off of a list that a fellow homeschooling mom emailed to me. It has come to my attention that the list below originally came from the talented homeschool blogger Charlotte at The Homeschooler’s Helper. She has graciously agreed to let me keep up this post for everyone’s benefit! Please take a minute to hop over to her blog and show her some love! I love supplementing our homeschool lessons with videos. They bring the lesson to life in a way that textbooks never can! I found this amazing resource called New Dimension Read More

FREE printable clothing needs list for yard sale & clearance shopping ~ from Our Cozy Den

FREE Printable Clothing Needs List for Yard Sale or Clearance Shopping!

How many times do you see an awesome deal at a yard sale or on a clearance rack and you want to buy it… but then you think, “Wait. Do I already have jeans/sandals/pjs in this size???”  I had this issue ALL the time, until I started carrying around with me this handy list! It’s easy to keep in my purse and I can pull it out whenever I see a good deal to make sure the item(s) in question are something I really need! Here’s how to use it: • First, circle Girl or Boy at the top of the page, so you know what Read More