Moving Hacks

About six weeks ago, our family moved to a new home. My husband accepted a new job as a pastor at the cutest little country church, so we packed up our family and hauled our lives to a new town. Now, we’ve been a military family for 14 years (!), and I have to admit that I have gotten a little spoiled with military moves. When the Army moves you, the moving company pulls up, packs your dishes right out of the cabinet, takes it to your new location, and unpacks it right into your new cabinet. You literally don’t have to touch a box Read More


DIY Office Organizer

I have 4 children, so that means there’s not an excess of storage in my house. {Let’s be honest, I’d kill for another bedroom… or two.} That means that, like many people, my “home office” is in my living room. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you may have surmised that I’m a pretty organized person. I love my checklists & charts! But I don’t love having them hanging all over my living room. They just don’t look very pretty! So I brainstormed for a while to come up with a way to have all of my info accessible, but out of sight! Read More

train table

DIY Train Table

My littlest guy Finn is almost 2 and a half – and he loves things that move: planes, trains, & automobiles. We have a train set from when Connor was younger that has been put away, and I am going to get it out for Christmas for Finn. New to him, cheap for me! I wanted to get him one of those fun train tables to go with it, but I was flabbergasted at the price. Like this one and this one! Yikes!!! My Christmas budget is $40 a kid for ALL of their gifts, so obviously I can’t spend hundreds on just one gift. Even Read More