Designed To Pray GIVEAWAY ~ from Our Cozy Den

🖼 Designed to Pray 🙏 {✨GIVEAWAY!🌟}

I mentioned in my last post that I’ve been going through a rough patch lately. I thought that a great way to get back into the swing of things would be to do another giveaway, and at the same time share a product that has been incredibly helpful and inspirational to me during these past few months. Let me introduce Designed to Pray by Kelly O’Dell Stanley. I picked up this book in a book store about 6 months ago. Immediately when I flipped through it, I was intrigued by the concept of speaking to God in different ways besides my old standards: speaking and writing. This Read More


More Than Words for Moms {Review & Giveaway!}

I love words. Seriously LOVE them. My chosen career path upon leaving high school was to become a crypto-linguist with US Army Military Intelligence. During that job, I learned and used foreign languages, which are a huge passion of mine. I speak several of them, and even in English, my native tongue, I love dissecting words. I like to break them down and discover what they mean, where they came from, and how they can apply in different contexts. When I heard about this Bible study More Than Words For Moms, I knew that it would be a perfect fit for me! Instead of just reading Bible Read More


Circle Time with Little Ones {with FREE printable!}

Circle Time was something I did every day with my older kids when they were younger. Somewhere along the way we moved on to bigger kid stuff and older kid subjects, and Circle Time got lost. About 18 months ago I started back up again with my younger two kids, because I felt like they were missing out (and even my 7 year old joins us of her own free will) — it’s just better to start the day with some dancing and fun! This is how we do it!! 1. Prayer One of my kids will open us up in prayer, to pray a Read More