How To Use the Envelope System (& WIN an Envelope System Wallet)

I’m a HUGE fan of the Envelope System. You may have heard of it – Dave Ramsey has been touting its benefits for years, and frugal housewives have been using it for decades. It can seem overwhelming at first, but here’s a quick tutorial on how to get started using it to save your family BIG money. First, let’s talk about WHY. To put things simply, people spend more when they swipe a card over using cash. It’s all about the way your brain registers the money as a tangible resource leaving your possession. When you swipe a card, it’s an abstract thing – you Read More

Why we're NOT saving for college ~ Our Cozy Den

Why We’re NOT Saving for College

We have 4 children, so you would assume that we have some sort of college-savings plan in place. After all, we’re huge money-savers, I’m a big fan of Dave Ramsey, and that is one of his Baby Steps to Financial Peace. But it may shock you to hear we’re not saving for college. Not even a little bit. Not even at all. These are just a few of the many reasons why. 1. Homeschooling Since we homeschool, our kids are able to work ahead at an advanced rate. They are advanced in nearly every subject, and moving further and further ahead each year. Because of this, they will Read More

drowing in debt financially free

From Drowning in Debt to Financially Free

Sometimes people ask me how I got this way. HOW did I become such a crazy money-saving lady? I think all stories start with parents. Most kids don’t learn much, if anything, about financial management in school, so the bulk of their money education happens at home. My own parents lived a typical life in the 90’s. They had a mortgage, credit cards, little savings and nothing for retirement. So when I got out on my own at 18, I joined the Army. Not long after those paychecks started rolling in, I had a credit card and a big fat car payment. In less than Read More