Leftover Christmas Ham Crockpot Casserole

Did you have a ham for Christmas dinner? Every time I make a ham, we always end up with WAY too many leftovers! A few years ago, I made up this quick & easy recipe {because who feels like cooking the day after Christmas!?!} to use up the leftovers. It’s delicious too! See? So easy right? I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas holiday!


Christmas Tree Dice Game

As I mentioned before in my post about Advent, we do a fun activity each day in December until the 25th. But sometimes I just don’t have the energy to pull off something big. That’s when I bust out with one of my “cheat” days, like this! This game is SO simple to set up — you can make a set in literally one minute. And it’s a ton of fun for the kids (especially since we play with candy!) See the image below for how to play! We always play until the M&Ms run out, then sometimes they keep playing with bingo markers instead! Read More


Why We Don’t Do SANTA

Most people I know celebrate Christmas the same way: Santa comes on Christmas Eve, leaving a mountain of toys for good little girls and boys. Our family chooses to celebrate a little differently, so I’m going to share with you how we do it!   1. Christmas is about Jesus, not Santa. Christmas morning, we try really hard to focus on Christ. We wake up, and before any presents are opened, we eat Jesus’ birthday cake for breakfast (it’s a breakfasty apple-cinnamon cake) and sing “Happy Birthday” to him. When it’s time to open presents, we remind the kids that it is not their birthday, but Read More


25 Days of Christmas {with FREE printable advent calendar!!}

Advent is a ✨magical✨ time in our house. We plan our whole homeschool year around this season, so that we can really enjoy the majesty of God’s love and grace. Without a doubt, my kids’ favorite part of this season is our daily advent activities. We have this fun calendar that I made several years back. It has 25 drawers, one for each day. It also has a tree on top with real lights on it. They know that when the lights come on, it’s time for that day’s advent surprise (which is written on a piece of paper and tucked in the drawer)! The activities Read More


5 Creative Ways to Save: Christmas!

I’m starting a new blog series this week! Every Wednesday for the next several weeks, I’m going to share with you 5 Creative Ways To Save! I often share money-saving tips — and a lot of them are common sense, standbys from days-of-old. But with this new series I’m challenging myself {and you!} to think outside the box and look for some NEW ways to save your hard-earned cash! First up on the agenda: 5 CREATIVE WAYS TO SAVE ON CHRISTMAS GIFTS! Christmas shopping can add up so fast. One minute you have a short gift list, and the next minute you spent two mortgage payments Read More

train table

DIY Train Table

My littlest guy Finn is almost 2 and a half – and he loves things that move: planes, trains, & automobiles. We have a train set from when Connor was younger that has been put away, and I am going to get it out for Christmas for Finn. New to him, cheap for me! I wanted to get him one of those fun train tables to go with it, but I was flabbergasted at the price. Like this one and this one! Yikes!!! My Christmas budget is $40 a kid for ALL of their gifts, so obviously I can’t spend hundreds on just one gift. Even Read More


Art of the Month Club

I don’t make all of our Christmas gifts. There are some years I don’t make any. When I do make them, it tends to happen in mass production, because it’s easier and cheaper that way, as many craft supplies are sold in multipacks. Here is one of my favorites: Art of the Month Club I made a wooden plaque for each of the 4 grandparents. I got this at Hobby Lobby in a week where the wood stuff was 50% off. I painted them and put a nice piece of scrapbook paper in it, then added chipbook letters and some 3D embellishments. It said our Read More


Planning for Christmas

I don’t like to be caught off guard, and the holidays are one of those things that sneak up on you every year if you’re not careful. One minute, it’s September and you see the decorations popping up in stores. You think “Christmas stuff already? We’ve got tons of time!” You blink, and it’s December 15th and you haven’t started shopping yet. Well, maybe you don’t procrastinate that much, but most people do wait until later in the year before they start thinking about Christmas. This is a little rundown of how I go about preparing for the holiday. January Once the thank-yous are out, and the Read More