The Ultimate Laura Ingalls Wilder Road Trip

The Ultimate Laura Ingalls Wilder Road Trip! 🚙🏞

Hey all! I’m super excited to share this with you ~ my BFF Sarah recently took this amazing road trip visiting a bunch of Laura Ingalls Wilder sites, really diving into a passion of her daughter’s. This is what homeschooling is all about! She graciously agreed to share with us some photos of her journey, along with links & prices, so we can follow in her footsteps with our own Little House fans! {She was traveling with her husband, 10 year old daughter, 3 year old son, and 1 year old daughter.} Continue reading below to see what Sarah had to say:  We just took the Read More

Our Trip to Edventure Children's Museum (in Columbia, SC)

Edventure Children’s Museum

Lately I’ve been filling up our summer calendar, and it got me reflecting on some of our outings from last year! I realized I never shared about this place, so here’s a bit about it in case you find yourself in Columbia, SC. I love any excuse to turn a vacation into a field trip. I guess that’s one of the side effects of being a homeschooling family! Last summer, we took a trip to South Carolina to watch my husband graduate from the Chaplain school at Ft. Jackson. While we were there, I was looking for some things to do to entertain the kids Read More

Our Trip to the Creation Museum 🚫🐒 & Ark Encounter 🚤 !

Our Trip to the Creation Museum 🚫🐒 & Ark Encounter 🚤 !

A few months ago, some friends of ours called and said they were planning a trip to the Creation Museum & Ark Encounter — and they wanted to know if we would join them. Um, YEAH we would! Ever since I heard about these places, it was on my list of things-to-see. I absolutely love museums, and we visited many in our travels — but often times I find myself telling the kids “This sign isn’t correct” or “Don’t listen to that video, that’s not right” — because they are presenting an alternate view of history than the one in which we believe. It can be very frustrating, to Read More

Why We LOVE Great Wolf Lodge (& how to save money on it) ~ Our Cozy Den

Why We Love Great Wolf Lodge {& how to save money on it!}

You probably know by now that my family is ALL about adventure. We love to get out and experience that big huge world out there. We’ve been to 25 countries so far, but we also love trips in our own back yard. One thing that is an absolute necessity for busy families — especially us homeschooling moms who literally work two jobs around the clock — is respite. Take. A. Break. Mom. For me, that’s what Great Wolf Lodge is. We take lots of great vacations… but even those are a lot of work! Plan the trip. Plan the transportation. Plan the meals. Plan the Read More


Hayes Presidential Center

We love to go on field trips in our homeschool. Recently we were passing through Fremont, Ohio on our way to another destination, so I checked out the website for the Hayes Presidential Library & Museums to see if it would be worth our time to make a pit stop. I was elated to see that it was listed as a Blue Star Museum so our whole family got to get in for free with my military ID! The Hayes Museum has two main parts: the Presidential home and the museum. Our first stop was to take a tour of the home, but we could see Read More


Mazza Museum

We love field trips in our homeschool! For the past two school years, we have had a field trip every week, and it has made school so much fun! Sometimes they are simple, like a nature walk in the park, or a morning spent ice skating. Other times we visit local museums, parks, festivals, attractions and more! As I mentioned when I introduced our 2016 school year, one of our elective subjects this year is ART. We have been using How To Teach Art To Children, which is awesome. It goes through all the different components of artwork, as well as famous artwork and their media. We Read More



One of my favorite things about this school year is that we have been going on a field trip every single Friday! We’ve been learning about the War of 1812 in history class, and I was delighted to discover that one of the biggest battles of the war {and the turning point for the U.S.!} happened not far from us, in Lake Erie on a little island called Put-in-Bay! So of course the kids were delighted to find out that we were going on the LAKE on an ISLAND and on a BOAT. Sophie got to call the shots {literally!} when he fired an authentic Read More


Great Lakes Adventure part 5: Lake Erie

Finally, we have come to the end of our epic Great Lakes Adventure! Today, I’m going to tell you about our last stop: Lake Erie! We had such an amazing trip! I was really nervous beforehand that it would be too long, too hard, or just too stressful to camp that long with all those kids in one tent. But it turned out really well, and I’m already planning more adventures for next summer! If you missed the other posts, click here to read about Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, Lake Huron, or Lake Ontario!


Great Lakes Adventure part 1: Lake Michigan

Wow, that was an amazing trip. We hit all 5 Great Lakes in 10 days, swimming in every one of them. I took probably a thousand pictures, but I’m going to break my blog posts up into 5 posts: one for each lake. Today, let’s talk about our time at our first stop: Lake Michigan! We also visited Mackinac Island during our stay at Lake Michigan. (Yes, I am aware that it’s actually in Lake Huron. But we saw it while we were at Michigan, so I’m lumping it in now. Lake Huron is later!) Lots of swimming & hiking at this lake! I think Read More


Frank Lloyd Wright’s magnificent Fallingwater

I’ve been dreaming of seeing Fallingwater since I was a little girl. I was probably 6 or 7 when I started showing my dad pictures, and begging him to take me. I’ve always had a love of architecture. Some of my favorite features of architecture are balconies, natural light, and the use of stone. I’ve also always loved forests and water. When I was a kid, there was this place I would always go to be alone, that was a huge rock in the middle of a creek in the middle of a forest. I would sit out there and read. Sometimes my brother would Read More