Our 2017 Budget ~ Our Cozy Den

Our New Family Budget 💵 {we let the KIDS plan it!}

The past month has been a BIG month for our family! My husband graduated from seminary, completing his Masters of Divinity. This new phase of life brings some changes in our family budget (and schedule), as his finishing school means we no longer get a housing allowance from the military. (Read more about that in the benefits page here.) In order for the kids to understand why our lifestyle would be changing a little (fewer upgrades in the grocery store, fewer movies out and restaurants) — I wanted them to have a say in how we allocate our budget. I started by having the kids Read More

Save Money 💰 by Buying Groceries Online 🖥📦

Save Money 💰 by Buying Groceries Online 🖥📦

A few months ago, Walmart rolled out a new plan to combat the ever-growing monster known as Amazon. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Amazon, but they don’t always have the best deals one groceries and perishables. When they do, it’s a little more complicated with the Subscribe & Save options, getting 5 items before your ship date for the extra savings,  and having to remember to cancel. (Read more about how to save on Amazon here.) One of the reasons I love Walmart’s new plan is because it’s SO EASY. I can pull it up on my phone and get a box of groceries delivered Read More

Tip Tuesday ~ Our Cozy Den

Tip Tuesday: Easy Beans!

We go through a lot of beans in this house — they are healthy, filling, yummy… lots to love about them! This hack to prepare them from dry beans will save you a TON of money over the canned kind! It’s SO much easier than the package instructions: no measuring, no stirring, no scorched beans at the bottom of the pot!  


Time & Money: Earning VS. Saving

There are 24 hours in a day. That’s an indisputable fact. Everyone has exactly 24 hours to allocate to various pursuits, and we all have priorities that shape our days. I see so many people chasing another dollar “to make ends meet”, while at the same time maintaining a lifestyle full of expenses that are higher than they need to be. Today, I’m going to share with you some of the thought process that goes into my philosophy on money: that it is better to save than to earn. Calculate your rate of earnings. Minimum wage in the US is currently $7.25 an hour. If Read More


How I Use Amazon Subscribe & Save to Save BIG

Many moons ago when I only had 2 or 3 kids and I wasn’t homeschooling yet (or maybe just schooling 1 of them), I used to coupon. I had a big fancy binder, I would clip my favorite coupons, and spend hours in the store scouting for my deals. Now all I have to say about that is: No. Stinking. Way. There’s no way I have time for that any more. And even if I did, the deals aren’t like they used to be. I have a whole post about why I don’t coupon any more, if you want to read it. But today, I Read More


FREE Printable Breakfast Menu

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I’m moving! For that reason, several things have been going on while we prepare to buy a new house, sell our current one, and pack everything up! Those things are: the blog hit the back burner for a few weeks we took a short break from homeschooling (yay, flexibility!) and my “meal planning” has been more along the lines of “oh, crap… it’s dinner time again”. So for that reason, I’m going to tell you one of my favorite hacks. Breakfast for dinner.  It’s not a new concept. Moms have been serving eggs and cereal Read More


Easy DIY French Fries

I was supposed to write this blog post on Friday. And then Saturday. And then Sunday. But I had four sick kids and a husband who was gone for the weekend for Army Reserve training, so let’s just say I didn’t accomplish much. Anyways, here I am bright and early Monday morning, ready to start the week anew and get life back in order! Thanks for bearing with me!   We love french fries. They are a perfect accompaniment to many favorites: sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, cheeseburger calzones, chicken fingers, and lots of other things! But buying the bagged frozen french fries is both expensive and Read More