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How to Save Money on Homeschooling 📚💰

Homeschooling can be expensive. When I was a kid, my aunt homeschooled my cousins, and there weren’t many curriculum options out there. Which also meant that families didn’t spend a ton of money. But today, there are literally thousands of homeschool curriculum options, and the money can fly out the window faster than you can count it. In my post about “10 Ways Homeschooling is Cheaper than Public School“, I mention that it’s not necessary to spend money on curriculum. There are TONS of ways to get free curriculum, and even more ways to cut costs on the things you do decide to purchase. Today, Read More

How Do You Do It All!?! {& other questions people ask me} ~ Our Cozy Den

How Do You Do It All?!? {& other ?s people ask me}

Like any mom, I wear many hats: cook, chauffeur, personal shopper, maid, homeschool teacher, nurse, blogger, and the million other things we moms do to facilitate our families’ lives. I’ll never forget one evening, I was chatting with the ladies in my church small group. One of the moms shared a problem she was struggling with, and she nodded her head at me and said, “Not that you’d know anything about that. You’re supermom.” I was stunned. Was she kidding?! I feel like I fail at this mom thing every single day. For every thing I think I do well, there are ten more that Read More


How We Homeschool Preschool

Last week I shared with you guys what homeschool curriculum we are using this year — and my youngest Finn is now in Kindergarten!!! I got a few questions from readers asking me the same question: “What about preschool?” Today, I’m going to tell you some of the things we do for Preschoolers in our homeschool. Before I go any further, I want to say that I think overeducating kids at a young age is not the right solution. If you have a one or a two year old and you want to start “preschool” with them… DON’T. You are going to overstimulate their little Read More


2017 Curriculum Roundup: Independent Subjects!

Yesterday I shared with you what books & materials we’re using in our Group Subjects this year in our homeschool. Today, I’m going to tell you what each student is using for their independent work! It’s the first year that I have four students in four different subjects, all of them “officially” in school! It’s definitely a learning curve to figure out how to manage it all. But luckily, most of their independent work is just that — independent. Since Finn just started Kindergarten and he can’t read yet, I do need to sit with him and help him do his math & reading. However, his Read More


2017 Curriculum Roundup: Group Subjects

If you’ve been hanging around my blog for a while, or you know me IRL(!), then you probably know that we do a January-November homeschool year, and we take off the holidays instead of the summers. I go into more detail as to why we choose this calendar in this post here. But in a nutshell, it just works for us! In the past, I’ve shared with you our curriculum choices. (You can see all of those on my Homeschooling page here.) Today, I’m going to show you what we’re using for our Group Subjects for the 2017 school year, which just started a few Read More


Homeschool Room Tour!

Today I did a Facebook Live video tour of our new homeschool room. Watch below to check it out!! Here are links to several of the things shown in the room — if you want to know about anything else, let me know! Calendar (this one is not exactly like mine, but the closest I could find– maybe mine was discontinued?) GeoPuzzles Binding Machine Craft cubby shelves Crayon caddy Colored book bins Colored craft drawers White Board   Click here if you want to see the original Facebook Live video (and the comments). And click here to see our OLD homeschool room — what a Read More


FREE Magic School Bus Science Curriculum

I think most people know that The Magic School Bus is an awesome educational resource — jam-packed full of science facts and lessons, packaged in a way that kids love: fun, engaging, and entertaining. But how do we turn an educational television show into a full-on science curriculum? I’m here to share how we did it in our home! I was able to find some great worksheets to go with the episodes (credit to them here), but figuring out how to actually turn it into a curriculum was a big hot mess. I spent a lot of hours compiling and organizing everything and writing lesson plans Read More


HUGE list of New Dimension Educational Videos on Amazon Prime

[edit 1/5/17] When I originally generated this post a few years ago, I was going off of a list that a fellow homeschooling mom emailed to me. It has come to my attention that the list below originally came from the talented homeschool blogger Charlotte at The Homeschooler’s Helper. She has graciously agreed to let me keep up this post for everyone’s benefit! Please take a minute to hop over to her blog and show her some love! I love supplementing our homeschool lessons with videos. They bring the lesson to life in a way that textbooks never can! I found this amazing resource called New Dimension Read More