25 Days of Christmas {with FREE printable advent calendar!!}

Advent is a ✨magical✨ time in our house. We plan our whole homeschool year around this season, so that we can really enjoy the majesty of God’s love and grace. Without a doubt, my kids’ favorite part of this season is our daily advent activities. We have this fun calendar that I made several years back. It has 25 drawers, one for each day. It also has a tree on top with real lights on it. They know that when the lights come on, it’s time for that day’s advent surprise (which is written on a piece of paper and tucked in the drawer)! The activities Read More


DIY Thankful Tree

One of my favorite November traditions is making a Thankful Tree. At the beginning of the month, we put leaves on the tree with all the things we are thankful for. Then each day, we take down a leaf, and say prayers of thanksgiving for that thing. In years past, I usually hand cut a tree out of construction paper, and hand cut all the little leaves. It. was. exhausting. I decided this year that I was going to make a nice reusable tree. I was able to get all the supplies for only $3 (I only bought 2 items and I already had the rest). Read More

train table

DIY Train Table

My littlest guy Finn is almost 2 and a half – and he loves things that move: planes, trains, & automobiles. We have a train set from when Connor was younger that has been put away, and I am going to get it out for Christmas for Finn. New to him, cheap for me! I wanted to get him one of those fun train tables to go with it, but I was flabbergasted at the price. Like this one and this one! Yikes!!! My Christmas budget is $40 a kid for ALL of their gifts, so obviously I can’t spend hundreds on just one gift. Even Read More


Art of the Month Club

I don’t make all of our Christmas gifts. There are some years I don’t make any. When I do make them, it tends to happen in mass production, because it’s easier and cheaper that way, as many craft supplies are sold in multipacks. Here is one of my favorites: Art of the Month Club I made a wooden plaque for each of the 4 grandparents. I got this at Hobby Lobby in a week where the wood stuff was 50% off. I painted them and put a nice piece of scrapbook paper in it, then added chipbook letters and some 3D embellishments. It said our Read More


DIY Lego Table

My son’s 5th birthday is in 2 weeks. I was able to get a ton of Legos for him for a steal at Christmastime during‘s Black Friday deals. I really wanted a Lego table to go with them, but finding the average price range to be over $100, I wanted to find another solution. I decided to make him a Lego table, instead! First I started with an old Diego table that he had outgrown. (He didn’t really fit under it anymore while sitting down.) Then, I discovered that an old under the bed bin I had fit perfectly between the rails that hold the Read More