Our Central American Cruise ⛴ {chapter 2} ☀️ Roatán, Honduras 🇭🇳

Our Central American Cruise ~ Roatan, Honduras ~ Our Cozy Den

On my last post about our big family cruise, I gave you all a tour of our fabulous ship: the Norwegian Getaway! Today, I’m here to share about what we did in port at Roatán, Honduras– and my favorite part: how we were able to turn it into a mini-mission trip!

So first of all, let me tell you a little bit about the port:

Roatán is an island and part of Honduras. Because of its separation from the mainland, life on the island is very expensive and common items are hard to come by. Fuel and utilities are extremely costly. Tourism is the main industry, and they rely on the cruise ships as their primary source of income.

As with all the ports, we had a plethora of choices through the cruise line, but I wanted a cheaper (and more authentic) experience. So for the low cost of $25/person, we were able to rent our own private tour guide for the day– which included transportation! They picked the eight of us up at the dock in a nice air-conditioned van, and took us wherever we wanted to go. There was a list of options on the tour guide’s website for us to browse ahead of time, and choose some outings. We could also ask the guide to just give us a tour of the island or take us to a beach, or whatever we liked.

Our first stop was primarily for my daughter Sophie– who loves animals and adores anything with a heartbeat. This animal sanctuary was pretty much her version of heaven!

Our Central American Cruise ~ Roatan, Honduras ~ Our Cozy Den

At this place, we were able to learn about and hold many animals, including sloths (everyone’s favorite!), monkeys, birds, and others. And I may have been accosted by a macaw who made a disaster of my hair with its claws… Our Central American Cruise ~ Roatan, Honduras ~ Our Cozy Den

Back on the road, we were given a taste of the local flavors of the island. First, the guide purchased some local fruit for us to sample (rambutan) — which was really interesting and yummy {bottom 2 photos below}! Then we went to a local restaurant and had some authentic Honduran cuisine. My husband and his mother were very brave and ordered lizard as their main course! The kids and I got chicken and my FIL ordered lobster. All of the dishes were served with rice and beans and fried plantain chips (yuuuuuum!) {in the top photo below is the lizard meal!} Our Central American Cruise ~ Roatan, Honduras ~ Our Cozy Den

In our driving around the island, our tour guide gave us a wonderful narrative of life on the island as well as the history of Roatán. Their way of life was very similar to what I remembered from my mission trip to HaitiOur Central American Cruise ~ Roatan, Honduras ~ Our Cozy Den

Our final stop was the one I had been most looking forward to: a Honduran orphanage. We made plans ahead of time to visit and bring gifts for the children. The wonderful woman working at the orphanage was so pleased with the gifts, and she said that the children would not have received much (if anything) for Christmas without them. We had put together 25 blessing bags for the children– each one containing small toys, candy, toiletries, school supplies, stickers, etc. At the orphanage, we were given a tour and told about the mission of the orphanage. Byron and Connor had a chance to be bested by some young soccer stars. Sophie chatted up the locals.
Our Central American Cruise ~ Roatan, Honduras ~ Our Cozy Den

Overall, our time in Honduras was culturally rich, filled with incredible memories and wonderful growing and learning experiences!

If you are headed to Roatán and you want to know what tour company we used, here is a link to their website.

Stay tuned for more photos from the rest of our trip!

Our Central American Cruise ~ Roatan, Honduras ~ Our Cozy Den
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