Our 2018 Homeschool Curriculum

We have kicked off our 2018 homeschool year with a bang! If you’re new to Our Cozy Den, I should start by saying that we do a non-traditional school year. We follow the calendar year instead of the traditional Labor Day through Memorial Day calendar. This allows us to take off 6 weeks for Advent (basically, Thanksgiving through New Years) and we start fresh in January with new grades &  new curriculum! {Click here if you want to read more about why we love this!!} 

Today, I’m going to give you a rundown on some of the curricula we are using for this year! 

I want to start by saying that we received a homeschool scholarship (which is available to my readers in certain counties of northwest Ohio). Because of this, we were blessed to buy some extras that I wouldn’t have purchased in years past. In fact, it’s entirely possible to homeschool without spending any money at all! {Click here for more info on frugal homeschooling!} Next year when we are no longer in Ohio, we will definitely be back in that boat!

Connor, 7th Grade

These are Connor’s books:

  • Science: Body of Evidence Anatomy by Answers in Genesis (video curriculum)
  • Reading: Bright Glory literature, Evan Moor Daily Reading Comprehension 8, Comprehending Functional Text, and several classic novels. I’m especially excited for our Biblical symbolism study on the Chronicles of Narnia series!
  • Grammar/Language Arts: Evan Moor Daily 6-Trait Writing 7, Daily Paragraph Editing 7, Building Spelling Skills 6+, Wacky Sentences Cursive Handwriting, Daily journaling
  • Math: Teaching Textbooks 7
  • Social Studies: Story of the World 2, World Geography Puzzles, and a US Presidents Study
  • Electives: Spanish, Coding, Test Prep, Typing

Lia, 5th Grade 

Lia’s 5th grade curriculum includes:

  • Science: human anatomy study ~ I have a HUGE stack of materials for this that I’m using with the 3 younger kids. It includes the Dover Human Body coloring book, a few Usborne Lift-the-Flap books, the DK Eyewitness Human Body book, and lots more.
  • Reading: Evan Moor Daily Reading Comprehension 6, along with several classic novels
  • Grammar/Language Arts: Daily 6-Trait Writing 5, Building Spelling Skills 5, Hot Fudge Mondays Grammar, cursive handwriting, journaling, and she’s writing a novel
  • Math: Life of Fred Jellybeans through Mineshaft, Usborne Fractions & Decimals Activity Book
  • Social Studies: Story of the World 2, Evan Moor Daily Geography 5, and a US Presidents Study
  • Electives: Spanish, Piano, Test Prep, Typing

Sophie, 3rd Grade

Sophie’s 3rd grade books are:

  • Science: (same as Lia)
  • Reading: Scott-Foresman Reading 3.1-3.2, Read and Learn with Classic Stories 3, and several books from the ‘Who was…/What was…’ series.
  • Grammar/Language Arts: Daily 6-Trait Writing 3, Building Spelling Skills 3, A Reason For Handwriting T
  • Math: Teaching Textbooks 3, along with LOTS of supplemental stuff to help her learn her multiplication tables — memorizing basic facts is my main goal for her this year.
  • Social Studies: Story of the World 2, Evan Moor Daily Geography 3, and a US Presidents Study
  • Electives: Spanish, Guitar, Test Prep, Typing

Finn, 1st Grade

Finn (who hates being in photos) is using these books for 1st grade:

  • Science: (same as Lia)
  • Reading: Scott Foresman Reading 1.1-1.6, Now I’m Reading levels 3-4, and a bunch of fun easy readers about his favorite characters (Ninjago, Minions, PJ Masks, etc.)
  • Grammar/Language Arts: Daily 6-Trait Writing 1, Building Spelling Skills 1, 100 Write and Learn Sight Word Practice Pages for handwriting
  • Math: 180 Days of Math for 1st Grade, Minecraft Math Addition and Subtraction, Minecraft Math Word Problems, and some supplemental books and games
  • Social Studies: Story of the World 2, Evan Moor Beginning Geography, and a US Presidents Study
  • Electives: Spanish, Swim

How about a surprise giveaway!?!

You gotta know by now that I LOVE giving things away! Click here to hop over to the Facebook page and tell me which book we are using that you want most, and I’ll choose a random reader to win their choice!

*Just a reminder, Our Cozy Den is a not-for-profit blog. No affiliate links, ever. I make no money from this blog, and all costs incurred are paid out of our pocket ~ it’s just here to be a blessing to other families like us!* 

3 thoughts on “Our 2018 Homeschool Curriculum

  1. I only have one child so far, and am new to the homeschooling thing. And it is encouraging to me to see how you plan things. I like that you can combine subjects with multiple ages to teach them together but they all do things on their level. Like the anatomy together and that everyone has their own geography thing. Do you buy new books every year or do they get handed down to each kid?

    • ourcozyden says:

      It depends how much writing the book requires— sometimes they write in it and sometimes I make them write answers on notebook paper so I can reuse. I will say, though, that if you buy the Evan Moor student books directly from the publisher, they are really cheap… Only about eight dollars, and I often find great coupons to go along with it! So that makes it easier on me for sure!

  2. Suzanne Wheeler says:

    Thank you for sharing. I put several books in my shopping cart so when I start shopping I will remember to check out these books. The Life of Fred books seem interesting, but confusing. I read the summaries on a few sites and couldn’t quite grasp them fully. I was thrilled to see the Minecraft math books, my 1st grader loves math and Minecraft so those are great. I also love the Daily Paragraph Editing, proof reading is such a great way to see if they have learned the “rules”. The Reason for Handwriting books look great too. I just have to figure out which book would be the right level for each of the kids, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of guidance in the descriptions. My biggest struggle each year is finding an English curriculum that the kids don’t dread doing. Anyway, thank you for sharing and I love the added bonus of seeing how thrilled (or not so thrilled) each of the kids are with you for making them pose with their books. Best wishes for a great year!

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