Homeschool Spirit Week! 🎉🎈

Homeschool Spirit Week! ~ Our Cozy Den

It’s the time of year when we start to hear the trumpets of the local school marching band in the distance, as well as the cheers from the high school football stadium. Homecoming is in the air, and “regular school” kids are celebrating. But there’s no reason why homeschoolers should miss out on all the fun!! One of our family’s favorite traditions is HOMESCHOOL SPIRIT WEEK. We have a theme each day, and the kids anxiously pick out their fun ensembles for the week.

I know, I know, we have enough on our plate without adding one more thing right?

Using my FREE printable, you can simply print, hang, & that’s it! No extra work for mom! You can even laminate it or stick it in a sheet protector and use the same one year after year, to make things even easier. Another fun twist: cover each day with sticky notes, and have an unveiling at bedtime the night before: it adds suspense and excitement!!

Here are some photos I snagged from my Instagram page of our #HomeschoolSpiritWeek in years past:

Homeschool Spirit Week! ~ Our Cozy Den
Costume Day
Homeschool Spirit Week! ~ Our Cozy Den
Patriotic Day — We ❤️ USA! 🇺🇸
Homeschool Spirit Week! ~ Our Cozy Den
Pajama Day! (let’s be honest, we do this more often than once a year…)

Homeschool Spirit Week! ~ Our Cozy Den

More Fun Ways to Kick Off the Year:
  • Come up with a homeschool name, mantra, and/or tagline.
  • Design a logo, flag, or crest for your homeschool.
  • Decide on a word for your school year: hope, faith, grow, explore, discover, create, etc. Make a poster and display it in your school area.
  • Choose a Bible verse that fits your homeschool philosophy for the year. Do a google image search for that verse and print out a cute photo overlay to display.
  • Create a rewards chart for the students to work toward a common goal (similar to Hogwarts — 10 points to Gryffindor!) When they reach the goal, everyone gets a group prize (like a fancy dinner out, a game or video game for all to share, a trip to the movie theater, etc.)


Your Printable

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Chime In!

I’d love to hear how YOUR family celebrates the new school year! Tell me in the comments below, or over on my Facebook or Instagram page! And on social media, use the hashtag #HomeschoolSpiritWeek to show us all what fun adventures you are having!

Homeschool Spirit Week! ~ Our Cozy Den
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