Save Money 💰 by Buying Groceries Online 🖥📦

Save Money 💰 by Buying Groceries Online 🖥📦

A few months ago, Walmart rolled out a new plan to combat the ever-growing monster known as Amazon. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Amazon, but they don’t always have the best deals one groceries and perishables. When they do, it’s a little more complicated with the Subscribe & Save options, getting 5 items before your ship date for the extra savings,  and having to remember to cancel. (Read more about how to save on Amazon here.)

Save Money 💰 by Buying Groceries Online 🖥📦

One of the reasons I love Walmart’s new plan is because it’s SO EASY. I can pull it up on my phone and get a box of groceries delivered with only 2 minutes of clicking.

Here’s how to make the absolute most of it:

1. Start with Ebates.

Ebates offers cash back on Usually this is only 1%, but this number goes up and down and I have seen it as high as 10%! Last week, in fact, it was 10% and I placed a huge order (about $100). That’s $10 back. Even at only 1%, this number really does add up.

You can get the Ebates plugin on your desktop browser, which pops up a reminder any time you’re on a shopping site. You can start at and click your favorite store from there. Or you can shop through the Ebates app directly on your phone. (I use all 3, depending on how much time I have.)

Click here to use my referral link and we both get a sign-on bonus! It’s worth it, believe me — I’ve gotten $225 cash back since I started using this site! 

So once you’re in Ebates, navigate over to Walmart and log in.

2. Use the Easy Reorder to pop items in your cart.

Save Money 💰 by Buying Groceries Online 🖥📦

Save Money 💰 by Buying Groceries Online 🖥📦

Even from the first time I ordered, I had tons of items in my Easy Reorder section, because I’ve been scanning my receipts for the Savings Catcher for years. Walmart already knows which products I buy & love, so it’s so easy to click add-add-add for all of the things I need. All I had to do was click add ~ I don’t even have to visit the product info page. This was an unnecessary step for me, because I’m already familiar with the size/ingredients/etc.

3. Add any additional items you need.

You can do a search and add other items to your order as well. There are literally thousands of things eligible for the Free Shipping over $35 promo, and it includes all departments ~ not just groceries.

4. Check out.

Double check your shipping & payment preferences, submit, and go!

It really is that easy! 

Why I Love It:

1. No membership fees.

Unlike Amazon Prime’s hefty $99/year, Walmart charges NOTHING for this service.

2. Fast & Free 2-day shipping.

However, you can sometimes choose a slower shipping speed and save even more! On my recent $100 order, I got an extra $9.25 off by choosing 5-7 day shipping instead. Including the $10 cash back from Ebates, that’s like getting $100 worth of groceries for $80!

3. Simple & easy ordering.

A few clicks on my phone or computer and I’m done. No saving up items for Subscribe & Save and waiting until my ship date, no remembering to cancel, no sifting through pages and pages of deals looking for something I actually need. All of the products I usually buy are already stored and waiting.

4. Walmart’s trademark low, low prices.

Seriously, it’s hard to beat Walmart’s low prices on groceries. Pasta for 99 cents a box, salsa for $1.58 a jar, and thousands of other items for a fraction of what it would cost at Amazon, Kroger, or other pricey grocery stores.

5. Less impulse buys.

Notice I didn’t say NO impulse buys… but browsing the store definitely makes me more susceptible to the marketing traps: the pretty displays, the ‘sale’ items, or my eye catching that thing I don’t really need but I want. Shopping online definitely exposes me to less, and using the Easy Reorder exposes me to ONLY the items I already buy.

6. I can get most of my list in one spot.

I do have a few items that I have been buying at Aldi lately. Other than that, the only thing we need to get at Walmart is perishable items, such as milk, eggs, cheese, & produce. I can even send my husband to get a list that short!


Weigh in — have YOU bought groceries online through What was your experience with it?

Save Money 💰 by Buying Groceries Online 🖥📦
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