How to Save on Gas with Kroger Fuel Points (WITHOUT shopping at Kroger!)

The cost of fuel is one of those expenses that is hardest for me to predict when I write out our monthly budget. Every choice we make to leave the house, take a trip, or fill up the tank affects our bottom line.

We do several things to cut our expenditures in this category. Those things include:

A lot of the time — in our town at least — the cheapest gas is at one of two places: Walmart (Murphy USA gas stations), or Kroger.

You may not know this, but using a Walmart gas card to pay for gas at Walmart will save you 3¢/gallon at the pump. So I make sure to keep a gift card in my wallet for times when that is our cheapest station.

When Kroger is cheapest, I like to cash in my Kroger fuel points to save some $$ at the pump.

But wait — I don’t shop at Kroger. I have been in that store many, many times, and I just don’t like it. The prices are always higher than what I pay at Walmart, Aldi, & GFS. Just going in the store, you can see how “upscale” it feels, which means: they are charging you too much money. If a store has frills, you can bet they are covering the cost of that at the register. {Yes, I am aware that they have “great” 10 for $10 sales and deals with coupons, but I have done the research and those items are still cheaper made from scratch or best not purchased at all!}

So if I don’t shop at Kroger, how do I earn the fuel points? 

In my post about paying cash for things and using the envelope system, I mention that I buy gift cards for my online shopping to avoid using credit/debit.  You probably already know that Kroger has a pretty nice reward system when you buy gift cards in the store. Pop into any Kroger store and you’ll see a wide variety of gift cards available for any number of stores, restaurants, & more.

How to Save on Gas with Kroger Fuel Points (WITHOUT shopping at Kroger!)

But you may not be aware that you can save yourself a trip and buy the gift cards online at –And additionally, you can get cash back from Ebates on your purchase along with your Fuel Points! (Currently it’s 1%, but every little bit adds up!)

How to Save on Gas with Kroger Fuel Points (WITHOUT shopping at Kroger!)

Add to this the fact that Kroger often has promotions that double the Fuel Points on gift cards from 2x to 4x ~ that soups up your savings even more!

How to Save on Gas with Kroger Fuel Points (WITHOUT shopping at Kroger!)

So here’s my family’s strategy to earn fuel points:

  1. I watch for Kroger’s double fuel point deals.
  2. When I see it, I log on to Kroger’s Gift Card Mall using my Kroger Plus card.
  3. Once I’m logged in, I activate the Ebates cash back (I use the Chrome extension button to do this step).
  4. Then I purchase gift cards for our favorite haunts. This includes (but is not limited to) Amazon, Chipotle, McDonalds {I actually hate the food there, but it’s the only place in this frozen wasteland that has an indoor playplace, so we go more often than I’d like}, Taco Bell, Lowe’s, and many others. Amazon is obviously a big one — I prefer to buy digital copies of books and movies because they are both cheaper & clutter-free.

Like I said, we don’t get gas at Kroger all the time — but when we do, we save even more by cashing in the fuel points we’ve accumulated!

How to Save on Gas with Kroger Fuel Points (WITHOUT shopping at Kroger!)
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