Raising Princesses 👑 {& WIN tickets to see Beauty & the Beast!! 🌹}

*I want to preface this by saying that I understand that not everyone will agree with my parenting & religious views. That’s fine! If you don’t agree, just move along and please refrain from commenting.* 

Any parent can tell you that raising daughters in today’s society is downright terrifying. The way that women are portrayed, marketed to, lied to, shamed… it’s hard to find your feet at all, let alone stand tall.

Right now, my daughters are little — precious things only 9 and 6 years old. So I definitely don’t have it ‘all figured out’. But I did want to share some of the things we do as a family, the choices we make, and the values we instill to help our girls now so that they can be better prepared for the future (we hope!)

Raising Princesses

What does that mean? The word ‘princess’ has taken on such a negative connotation in recent years. Does it mean that we are raising spoiled brats who boss people around? Girls who have a sense of entitlement and superiority?

That’s not what it means to me.

To me, PRINCESS implies all of the qualities I want our girls to achieve: grace, sophistication, education, modesty, kindness, humility, altruism, and so many more.  Allow me go into a little more detail on these.

1. They are a beloved child of God.

First of all, we tell our daughters that they are princesses, in every sense of the word. They are daughters of the One True King, and they have royal blood in their veins. We want them to understand how loved they are, not only by us, but by our Heavenly Father.

2. They deserve respect.

Respect is something sorely lacking in the world today. People don’t have respect for other people’s property, time, or even their bodies. A princess is someone deserving of respect. She deserves someone who treats her well, and cherishes her. Not someone who is going to use her and throw her away. She is fine china, not a styrofoam cup. She should dress modestly, so that boys (someday men) will not look at her body, but at her heart.

And I’m not just talking about romantic encounters, though that is certainly a huge factor. I’m also referring to friendships, which often lead to doormat situations. Due to a pretty rough childhood, I have struggled with insecurity for most of my life. I can’t even count how many times I bent over backwards for ‘friends’ who were just using me because I gave them full access to my time, car, wallet, etc.

3. They should set standards for behavior.

Do you want to know how I became a Christian? By meeting one who amazed me with their behavior. I want my daughters to swim against the tide, to be bold and different, for people to see them and ask themselves, “What’s different about her?” — and then realize that it’s Christ. They should set the standard for behavior, instead of trying to find a loophole in order to wade into the gray.

Now, I’m not saying that I expect perfection. God knows, I am not perfect! I need to model His love as much as I want my daughters to do so. If one of them ever comes to me with a heartbreaking sin to confess, I vow to love them through their pain, and not shame them for their mistakes.

4. They should be well-educated.

If you have been here at Our Cozy Den before, you probably know that we homeschool. I am not a person filled with anger or hatred of the public school system, but rather sadness. It breaks my heart to see what is happening to education in our country. I feel for you teachers, who want nothing more than to reach the heart of a struggling kid, but you don’t have time because you have to get through this material. Or because you have to make a class full of antsy 8-year-olds sit still for a three hour test.

One of my favorite things about homeschooling is that we have time to pursue our passions. My 10-year-old is in love with anything techy, so in our school he has “coding” classes. My 9-year-old is obsessed with the piano, so she has time to spend several hours a day playing. My 6-year-old loves art, and she spends a lot of time creating new & interesting media.

A princess should be well-educated, not just ‘high-scoring’. Think of the nobles of past centuries, when women could sing, play instruments, sew, write beautiful calligraphy, talk about politics. I want my daughters to have a vast array of skills and knowledge.

5. They should look at the world as if they are the queen.

I do not mean that they should exude a haughty air of power, or anything like that. But what I mean is that they should look at the world as if they are the people and she is the regent. It is her responsibility to seek justice, look for the good in others, seek the betterment of society, and serve her people. My husband and I have both served in the Army, and patriotism is very important to us. We love our country, but even more than that — we love God’s people: ALL people. We want to serve in our communities, fill voids, and make a change for the better. And we want our daughters to do the same.


Disney princesses tend to get a lot of flack from mainstream media, who say they are both “too feminist” and “not feminist enough”, “wonderfully diverse” and also “too white”, “unrealistic” but at the same time “down-to-earth and relatable”. Whiplash, anyone? Without getting into body issues (do wish they’d have a bit more flesh on them), I happen to love Disney princesses. It’s hard for me to choose a favorite: I love Rapunzel and Elena a lot. But I’d have to say that the one most like me is probably Belle. I see a lot of my personality in her, and not just because we’re both obsessed with books!

(As much as I love her though, my friend Jennifer loves Belle even more! Her husband even ‘commissioned’ me to make her a Beauty & the Beast themed cake a few years back!)

Raising Princesses 👑 {& WIN tickets to see Beauty & the Beast!! 🌹}

So anyway, I was ecstatic to see that they were doing a live-action remake of the classic film!

Who else wants to see it! 🙋

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Thanks for stopping by, and remember — no matter how you raise your daughters, our God is big enough to get them through anything! No stress!

Raising Princesses 👑 {& WIN tickets to see Beauty & the Beast!! 🌹}
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