Why We ❤️ American Heritage Girls ✝️🇺🇸

As homeschoolers, we are often notorious for overscheduling and being super involved in extra-curriculars. That old sentiment of homeschoolers being “unsocialized” is as outdated as rotary phones and 8-tracks.

My girls had some friends involved in Girl Scouts, and they were very interested in the style of organization: a troop, where they work to learn, serve, and earn badges, while doing fun activities with friends.

I, however, had some issues with it. I have been morally opposed to the Girl Scouts organization for years. I searched for an alternative and was elated to find that there was a chapter of American Heritage Girls right in the town where I lived!

It’s been a year now since we first signed up with AHG, and during our time with the organization I have only grown to love it more!

Here are my reasons!

Christian Leadership

American Heritage Girls is a Christian organization, and my local chapter had a very strong set of amazing Christian women in leadership. They were unashamed to pray with the girls, to give them Biblical guidance, and to teach them according to scriptural values. It means so much to my peace of mind as a mom to know that I am leaving them in the hands of someone with the same Biblical foundation I teach at home, and to know they won’t be taught anything I have to later “undo”.

Service Opportunities 

AHG strongly encourages service to the community, through volunteer hours. I’ve done research on volunteer opportunities for my kids before — and let me tell you — it’s not easy to find a place that welcomes children. With AHG, the work is done for me. My girls get the incredibly valuable experience of volunteering in their community, and I don’t have to spend my time seeking out these opportunities for them.

Knowledge Enhancement  

The American Heritage Girls badge program encompasses a wide breadth of subjects — categorized under six “frontiers”:

  • Heritage Frontier – includes badges such as Citizenship and Government, Native American, and Caring For My Environment
  • Family Living Frontier – includes badges such as Cooking, Home Care & Repair, Stick Shifts & Safety Belts, and Money Management
  • Arts Frontier – includes badges such as Cinematography, Creative Writing, Music Performance, and Theater
  • Outdoor Skills Frontier – includes badges such as Archery, Canoeing, Cycling, Fishing, Golf, Horsemanship, and Snow Skiing & Snowboarding
  • Personal Well-Being Frontier – includes badges such as Book Adventurer, Emergency Preparedness, Physical Fitness, Sign Language, and Travel
  • Science and Technology Frontier – includes badges such as Aviation, Geology, Internet Adventure, Space Exploration, and Zoology

The girls work on these badges together as a group, and they also have the option to do extra badges in their own time if they desire to do so.

Relationship Enrichment 

I love the special events that AHG offers to families! They have things like Mother-Daughter Date Night, a Daddy-Daughter Dance, and many family activities in which all parents and siblings are invited, like the Autumn fall fest & hayride, summer picnic, & more!

Why We ❤️ American Heritage Girls ✝️🇺🇸

Friendship Development

My girls have lots of friends from many different extra-curriculars, but I have to say that the girls they know from AHG are the most kind, polite, and well-behaved kids I’ve ever seen — especially in a group setting! I love that my girls are surrounded by such great influences! They have met some amazing friends through their group, young girls that I am proud to know.

Affordable Involvement 

Unlike many other extra-curricular activities that cost hundreds of dollars a year to join, AHG is very affordable! And since many of them operate out of churches, there is also often financial aid available if needed. For my girls, it cost $46 for an entire year. That’s like paying 80¢ an hour for childcare! We also purchased uniforms, which cost about $50 and they will wear it for 3 years until they move up to the next level.

These are all reasons why I adore this organization and what it stands for! American Heritage Girls is everything I could have wanted for my family!

This post is not sponsored or endorsed by American Heritage Girls in any way. We are simply satisfied members of this wonderful organization and wanted to share our experiences! 

{Click here to see if there is an AHG troop near you! If not, prayerfully consider starting one! Imagine how many young girls in your community you can reach in Christ’s name!} 

Why We ❤️ American Heritage Girls ✝️🇺🇸
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