January’s Top Posts

Best of Our Cozy Den!

Can you believe that February is here already!? My family spent most of January sick so it seemed like we accomplished nothing this month.

Anyways, I wanted to give you a peek back at this month’s most popular blog posts, in case you missed any!

#5: My Favorite MOVING HACKS from our family’s recent move! 

Moving Hacks ~ when you have to DIY your move and you have NO time ~ from Our Cozy Den

#4: How I save on groceries by using Amazon’s SUBSCRIBE & SAVE program. 

How I Use Amazon Subscribe & Save to Save BIG!

#3: How I handle SUNDAY MORNINGS by myself with four kids. 

How I Handle Sunday Mornings By Myself

#2: The curriculum we are using in our GROUP SUBJECTS this homeschool year. 

2017 Curriculum Roundup: Group Subjects ~ from Our Cozy Den

#1: And finally, my tour of the Findlay CHILDREN’S MUSEUM expansion! 

Children's Museum of Findlay ~ Expansion Tour & Giveaway!! ~ from Our Cozy Den


Thanks for stopping by last month, and stay tuned for many exciting posts & freebies in February!


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