2017 Curriculum Roundup: Independent Subjects!

2017 Curriculum Roundup: Independent Subjects ~ from Our Cozy Den Yesterday I shared with you what books & materials we’re using in our Group Subjects this year in our homeschool. Today, I’m going to tell you what each student is using for their independent work!

It’s the first year that I have four students in four different subjects, all of them “officially” in school! It’s definitely a learning curve to figure out how to manage it all. But luckily, most of their independent work is just that — independent. Since Finn just started Kindergarten and he can’t read yet, I do need to sit with him and help him do his math & reading. However, his schoolwork only takes about 30 minutes to complete, so it’s not a difficult task for either of us. The other kids ask for assistance and guidance when needed, which doesn’t happen much. 2017 Curriculum Roundup: Independent Subjects ~ from Our Cozy DenI like Kindergarten to be simple. I don’t want my kids to get burnt out at school right away. My kindergarten-aged kids always sit through the group subjects, but I require less of them, work-wise. (You don’t want to color? Fine. You don’t want to write that word? Okay.) But they do have to sit and listen.

For independent work, there are only 3 subjects: Reading, Math, & Handwriting.

Finn is my first kid to NOT use Horizons Math K. We decided to go with 180 Days of Math Practice, which is very simple for a beginner. We supplement it with math apps on the iPad.

For Handwriting, we use workbooks from the Dollar Tree. You can’t beat that price! And writing is so simple anyway, anything more complicated is unnecessary.

For Reading, once again we are using The Reading Lesson. From the very first time I sat down with him, he picked it up at the drop of a hat. This book never disappoints! It has taught all four of my kids to read with no struggle at all. Now they are all avid readers well above their grade levels. Once we finish The Reading Lesson, we move on to the Now I’m Reading phonic book sets. I love that they are progressive, and easy for new readers. For example, the story starts like this: The cat. The cat sat. The fat cat sat. It’s easy for them to follow along and add new words each page. 2017 Curriculum Roundup: Independent Subjects ~ from Our Cozy DenSophie’s Second Grade Subjects and Curriculum are:

2017 Curriculum Roundup: Independent Subjects ~ from Our Cozy DenLia’s 4th Grade books are:

2017 Curriculum Roundup: Independent Subjects ~ from Our Cozy Den

Connor is in 6th grade now… holy cow, I have a middle schooler!! What we’re doing differently this year is that I’m pushing certain skills, such as time management and work disbursement. So instead of giving him a checklist for every day, he gets one for the week and he has to decide how to spread out his tasks.

Here is his curriculum:

  • Math: Teaching Textbooks 6. He’s a little ahead, so he’ll finish this probably 1/3 of the way into the year and move on to the next level.
  • Reading: Reading for Christian Schools 5, along with a pretty hefty list of novels. His novels include many of his own choices (Rick Riordan and Minecraft books), as well as my choices: Where the Red Fern Grows, The Secret Garden, Lord of the Flies, The Lottery Rose, Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry, Tom Sawyer, Freak the Mighty, a selection of stories from Greek mythology, one Gary Paulsen novel, and a few others to be determined.
  • Handwriting: Wacky Sentences Handwriting Workbook — super fun and silly!
  • Spelling: he has to find 3 NEW words a week in his other subjects and fill out a worksheet I made (it says word, part of speech, definition, etc.)
  • Grammar: Time for Kids Grammar Rules and The Usborne Creative Writing Book. I pushed him pretty hard with the writing last year, to the point where he was writing several pages a week. It was too much, so I’m backing off a bit.
  • Other subjects for Connor: typing, coding, and supplemental science. He’s still doing science with the rest of us, but he’s also going through the Big Fat Science Notebook on his own and filling out a worksheet about each chapter. {If you haven’t seen this series, I highly recommend it! They are awesome!!}


Phew! I guess that’s it!! Feel free to let me know if you have any questions. If you guys want to see something in more detail, maybe I’ll do a Facebook Live video and show you inside the books — just tell me which ones you want to see!

2017 Curriculum Roundup: Independent Subjects ~ from Our Cozy Den
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