FREE Printable Breakfast Menu

Free Printable Breakfast Menu from Our Cozy Den!

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I’m moving! For that reason, several things have been going on while we prepare to buy a new house, sell our current one, and pack everything up! Those things are:

  • the blog hit the back burner for a few weeks
  • we took a short break from homeschooling (yay, flexibility!)
  • and my “meal planning” has been more along the lines of “oh, crap… it’s dinner time again”.

So for that reason, I’m going to tell you one of my favorite hacks. Breakfast for dinner. 

It’s not a new concept. Moms have been serving eggs and cereal and pancakes for decades in lieu of meat they didn’t thaw and that casserole they should have put in the oven an hour ago. 

But let’s be honest — as much as kids love pancakes, it’s hard to make eggs exciting. That is, until I came up with this brilliant idea: MENUS! 

With four kids, it’s pretty confusing to keep everyone’s preferences straight. (Especially when they are all telling me at the same time, right!?!) The menus make it more fun for them {they get to pick all their favorite choices!} and easier for me {I can see at a glance what I’m making!}

So here’s what to do.

  1. Each printable has 2 menus on it. Print out however many sheets you need to have enough menus for your family.
  2. Cut the menus apart.
  3. Laminate. (you can do this at a store like Staples, or snag a cheap laminator on Amazon like this one!)

Free Printable Breakfast Menu from Our Cozy Den!

When you’re ready to serve dinner, pass out the menus and have each person fill them out with a dry erase marker or crayons. {I absolutely LOVE Crayola Dry Erase Crayons — we use them a ton in our homeschool, as well as for things like this!} If I’m out of anything (like bacon, heaven forbid), I just cross that off before I hand out the menus.

Remind everyone to write their name/initial. Sometimes my kids like to write numbers on it instead (their birth order), and I call out the numbers like a cook in a diner as the plates are ready.


Free Printable Breakfast Menu from Our Cozy Den! Free Printable Breakfast Menu from Our Cozy Den!

The whole placing-your-custom-order experience makes “breakfast for dinner” nights TONS of fun for my kids! And it makes *me* feel less bad about cheating!

Enjoy your free printable!!

{Click here to download it} 


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Free Printable Breakfast Menu from Our Cozy Den!
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