Why I Threw My Budget Out the Window {for the summer!}

Why I Threw My Budget Out The Window ~ Our Cozy Den

I’ve always been very diligent with my budgeting: zero-based budget, every month; track all income and spending in my spreadsheets; keep my all cash envelope system in check. I’ll admit, it can be really hard at times! It can also be exhausting to keep track of it all.

In case you missed me talking about it earlier — my husband is out of town for military training for the summer. He’s been in seminary for the past few years on his quest to become an Army Chaplain, and we’ve been living on his very low Reserves income, which is usually about $600 a month.

But this summer, we get paid. Like really paid. Real income, for the first time in two and a half years! In fact, the amount we’ll make in 3 months this summer will be TWICE what we made in all of 2015. 💰💰💰

Taking care of all the kids, the house, homeschooling, blogging, and managing my freelance gigs is a lot on my plate. It’s also been really difficult to plan a budget when I have NO idea when we are getting paid or how much it will be. So I decided to relax my budgeting for the summer. Here’s what I’m doing instead:


Every time we get paid, I immediately move 10% of the amount to our tithe account (we use this to fund missions, tithe to our church, and other giving as God calls us).


I also move 70% to savings. Our savings account has been slowly dwindling in the past few years, as we use it to pay for bigger things — like when we had to replace the heating system in our house, our back room remodel, roof repairs, and going on our Great Lakes Adventure. We are also anticipating a possible move this fall, and I’ve never moved on my own dime before: the military has always paid for our moves. I expect that it will be very expensive, so hopefully we will have enough savings to cover it all! If we have any extra at the end of the year over a decided-upon amount, I plan to put it in our Roth IRAs.


I leave 20% in our checking account, and this is what we use to cover our regular expenses: groceries, bills, & fun. I have been getting out cash, but I’ve also been using my debit card on occasion (gasp!). What this summer has been about for me is just relaxing, taking it easy on myself, and trying to make things fun and adventurous for the kids!


As nice as it has been to let go of the reins a little bit, my type-A personality is itching for a return to order. So I’m looking forward to the fall when things will return to normal… mostly because I’m ready for my love to come home! 💕

Why I Threw My Budget Out The Window ~ Our Cozy Den
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