Weekly Menu: May 29th – June 4th

Weekly Menus from Our Cozy Den ~ Feeding a family of 6 on under $175 a month!

As you may have seen in my video last week, things sure are different around here with my husband out of town! One week down, eleven to go!

As much as I miss him, one of the benefits of his absence is that I’m cooking a lot less! The kids don’t eat much, and I don’t either, so I only need to cook a few times a week and the leftovers last really long (a little too long, perhaps).

I’m trying something a little different this week: I’m buying the ingredients for two full dinners, plus whatever fill-in items we need. But I’m not planning on them for any specific night of the week. I’ll cook when we need food, then we’ll eat leftovers until I need to cook again.

So this week for lunch, we’re having our usual staples: black bean quesadillas, sandwiches with turkey/cheese or peanut butter with jelly or honey, and soup & salad.

For dinner, I’m going to be making spaghetti & meatballs with green beans, and crockpot chicken taco soup.

What I bought this week:

I did my usual weekly trip to Walmart, and I got the following things:

Weekly Menus from Our Cozy Den ~ Feeding a family of SIX for less than $175/month!

String cheese, wheat bread, fruit & yogurt Special K (the Great Value off-brand), peanut butter, and two bags of tortilla chips.

I also got some WIC items: 1 dozen eggs, 2 gallons of milk, and $8 of produce (bananas, blueberries, and zucchini).

Total spent at Walmart: $15.68

I didn’t do my usual bulk shop at GFS this month — mostly because I didn’t have time. But I did run to Aldi (a store not in my usual rotation) and I got some great deals!!

Weekly Menus from Our Cozy Den ~ Feeding a family of SIX for less than $175/month!

I went to Aldi because the chicken was on sale in the paper for $1.49/lb, but because it was the last day of their week (Aldi cycles run Wednesday-Tuesday), it was marked down an extra $2!! So I got my chicken for below my usual target price! (And I was totally out too, so double score!)

Strawberries were on sale for $1.49 too, marked an extra 50% off, so I got those for $.79 a pint!!

While there, I also got celery, sliced cheese and turkey, and a loaf of bread.

Total spent at Aldi: $21.53

Total spent this week: $37.21 


Monthly Totals:

Here are my rundowns for May — it’s been an odd month, but I did a pretty good job of staying on target anyway!

May 1st – 7th: $8.10

May 8th – 14th: $42.32 

May 15th – 21st: $0

May 22nd – 28th: $42.36

May 29th – June 4th: $37.21

Total amount spent in May: $129.99!


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