Weekly Menu: May 15th-21st

Weekly Menus from Our Cozy Den ~ Feeding a family of 6 on under $175 a month!

This week is jam-packed for us. We have a ton going on, all of which is throwing our regularly-scheduled-programming out of whack. Because we are eating at various parties and events for most of the week, going out of town for part of it, and eating leftovers for the in-between days, I didn’t need to buy groceries this week.

Let’s take a look at this crazy week’s menu, shall we?

As usual, a few notes before we get started:

  • Breakfast is not included in the menu, because in our house it is fend-for-yourself. But it is included in my budget and shopping. We pretty much eat oatmeal & eggs every day, with the occasional variance.
  • Snacks are also not on the menu, but my kids do get a snack each afternoon around 4 pm. Their choices are veggies (usually carrots and celery), fruit (I always have on hand a selection of oranges, bananas, apples, pineapple, berries, etc.), hard-boiled eggs, cheddar cheese sticks, yogurt, and granola bars.


Lunch ~ leftovers

Dinner ~ leftovers

Monday & Tuesday:

We’re going to the GREAT HOMESCHOOL CAMPOUT — cooking on the fire, camping with friends. All of the food I need to bring I already had in my pantry.


Lunch ~ black bean quesadillas with fruit

Dinner ~ church BBQ — food provided


Lunch ~ sandwiches (peanut butter with jelly or honey or turkey and cheese) with fresh fruits and veggies

Dinner ~ leftovers


Lunch ~ black bean quesadillas with fruit

Dinner ~ Finn’s birthday party– we are providing the food, but I haven’t bought it (and it will come out of his birthday budget, not our grocery cash). I plan on spending about $20 to feed 25 people.


We’ll be out of town all day visiting friends & family, and dropping the hubby off at the airport!


What I spent this week:

Like I mentioned before, I didn’t buy any groceries this week. I did pick up 2 gallons of milk & 2 loaves of bread with WIC vouchers.

And I do plan to spend $20 on Finn’s party (I’ll probably shop for that on Thursday).


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