How to do a Family Closet

Hey guys! I’m super excited to share with you my first ever guest blog post! My dear friend Jessica was telling me about this super awesome thing that her family does: a family closet! I’m just swooning at the idea: all the family’s clothes in one centralized location? No laundry strewn all over the place? Seasonal things organized and easy to find? Sign me up!! I can’t wait to take some of her tips and implement them myself. Read what Jessica has to say about her Family Closet! 


Hi Everyone! I’m Jessica. We are homeschoolers who rarely stay home. We spend most of our time out and about so we need systems that will almost take care of themselves. Keeping our home in order needs to be quick and easy. When laundry became a huge issue, we started looking for creative solutions and discovered the family closet idea.


For us, a family closet is a place to wash/fold/store clothing in addition to getting dressed and undressed. My husband has the most clothing and requires the most space. We store his out-of-season clothing in a closet upstairs. I pared down my clothing after evaluating what works best for my body type. I limit my kids clothing to three outfits. This will probably change as they grow but for now they are tiny and really only wear three outfits all the time anyway. We also decided to ditch towels. My husband and I each have one hooded bathrobe that we use to dry off with and walk between our laundry room and bathroom. We installed an 8 foot storage shelf with rod for hanging clothes.

How to do a Family Closet ~ Guest Post by Jessica on Our Cozy Den

Instead of dressers we use IKEA bins (found that idea right here on Our Cozy Den) and storage towers with collapsible bins for socks, undies, kid clothes, T-shirts and work out gear. We store swim gear and other clothing items, used less frequently, on the shelf so we have them close by but not in our daily rotation.

 How to do a Family Closet ~ Guest Post by Jessica on Our Cozy Den

How to do a Family Closet ~ Guest Post by Jessica on Our Cozy Den

This system keeps all clothing in one location and it is so much easier for me to manage. Eliminating the need to round up piles and lug folded laundry all over the house has made a positive impact on our family. Laundry is actually completed from start to finish and that makes me happy.


Thanks for sharing, Jessica!! It looks and sounds amazing! 


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