WIN a *SIGNED* copy of Better Together

WIN a *signed* copy of Better Together!

A few months ago, I did a book review about this life-changing book, Better Together: Because You’re Not Meant to Mom Alone. It has had an incredible impact on my life. There are some books that are so jam-packed with wisdom that you find yourself highlighting entire pages. This is one of those books.

Here is the excerpt from my original review in February:

Here’s something that’s hard to admit… I’m lonely.


My 3 closest friends live in other states (2 in Colorado and one in Texas), and most of my other friends are similarly spread all over the country and the world. I guess that’s the way it goes for a military family. But life just isn’t the same, and friendship isn’t the same when you aren’t doing life together on a daily basis.


I’ve lived in this medium-sized Ohio town for almost two years now, and I’ve never felt quite so disconnected. I feel like I do so much. We are involved in church and countless children’s activities. I “know” tons of people. But at the same time, I’ve been missing those close, deep, personal relationships that form when moms spend time together… time, the one thing we all say we don’t have.


About a month ago I started reading this amazing book by Jill Savage. It’s called Better Together: Because You’re Not Meant To Mom Alone. I wasn’t going to talk about it until after I finished it, but it has been so life changing that I can’t even keep it in any more.


Jill, an incredible Christian veteran mom, along with her daughter Anne a new-ish mom — write about the struggles we encounter as mothers, how to overcome them, and how our modern culture has changed from generations past.

I love the wisdom she imparts:

  • “Actively pursuing feels risky, but passively waiting feels lonely. If you’re serious about finding friends, you’ll have to be willing to take action.”
  • “Your self worth is not determined by your friendship success.”
  • “If we are unique creations, why do we keep trying to be like someone we’re not and why do we insist that other be more like we are?”

And my favorite:Better Together ~ Our Cozy Den

Wow. That’s convicting right there. Some of my closest friends were moms I made at the park while our toddlers played. Today, if I go to the park with my kids, I’m more likely to check Facebook than start a conversation.


I started off this journey with prayer, asking God to bring me a new sister-in-Christ, somebody with whom to share both good times and bad.

Another thing that changed for me lately was initiative. Instead of feeling bad that “nobody wanted to be my friend”, I started calling and texting and messaging and making plans with people. Forming true connections takes face time.


I’m very excited that I was given by the authors a SIGNED COPY of this book to give away to you guys! Both Jill & Anne signed it and wrote a little message for one lucky winner!

So here’s how you enter:

You get an entry for doing each one of these things:

Once you do those things, click this link to fill out your entry form. 


Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor! 👍 And remember, we are better together! Moms of the world, unite!


If you don’t wish to enter the giveaway and you want to buy a copy, it’s available on amazon here!


Giveaway ended! Thanks to everyone who entered! Click here to see who the winner was! 

3 thoughts on “WIN a *SIGNED* copy of Better Together

  1. Rachel says:

    I am so excited about this book. I have never heard of it and it sounds wonderful. I have had a hard time connecting at this station as well. I can’t wait to read it either by winning it or buying it.
    Thanks for sharing!

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