Weekly Menu: April 10th – 16th

Weekly Menus from Our Cozy Den ~ Feeding a family of 6 on under $250 a month!

WE’RE BACK!!! 🙌 We had a lovely vacation and a nice long week off. This morning I set my alarms to get up early and get back on track with our schedules & our lives. ⏰🗓

So, because I try to be as open and transparent with you guys as I can, I feel like I should share that I spent about $200 on food last week. 💸 Yes, I know, that’s more than my grocery budget for an entire month! But we were on vacation — and it was a bit of a vacation from our super-strict budget for me as well. The money came out of our vacation fund, and not our regular food envelope. We spent some of it on eating out (CHICK FIL-A!!!), some of it on convenience foods for our traveling (packaged snacks and frozen dinners), and some of it on special treats. The kids were so excited when I let them get some of those things I always say “no” to — like sugary cereals, toaster strudels, cinnamon rolls, ice cream, and juice boxes.

One thing I’ve noticed in my sort-of-strict parenting style is that everything is special and amazing when it’s out of the ordinary. My kids get so happy and excited about little things, because it’s not the norm for them. If I let them have those things all the time, it would take a lot more to impress them. I guess my point is: you don’t have to have huge grand things like Disney World to make your kids feel special and excited. Think about how excited Mary and Laura were in The Little House on the Prairie to receive a small trinket once a year when their Pa went to town. It’s about how you live your daily life, and happiness can be found in small things too.


Anyways, I digress. Let’s have a look at the menu for the week, shall we? My husband is gone this week for Army Reserve training, so I’ll be cooking roughly 2/3 the normal amount of these meals.

As usual, a few notes before we get started:

  • Breakfast is not included in the menu, because in our house it is fend-for-yourself. But it is included in my budget and shopping. We pretty much eat oatmeal & eggs every day, with the occasional variance.
  • Snacks are also not on the menu, but my kids do get a snack each afternoon around 4 pm. Their choices are veggies (usually carrots and celery), fruit (I always have on hand a selection of oranges, bananas, apples, pineapple, berries, etc.), hard-boiled eggs, cheddar cheese sticks, yogurt, and granola bars.


Lunch ~ leftovers

Dinner ~ leftovers


Lunch ~ sandwiches (peanut butter with jelly or honey or turkey and cheese) with fresh fruits and veggies

Dinner ~ ziti with green beans and garlic bread


Lunch ~ black bean quesadillas with fruit

Dinner ~ chicken enchiladas with brown rice & black beans


Lunch ~ vegetable soup

Dinner ~ leftovers


Lunch ~ black bean quesadillas with fruit

Dinner ~ beef & noodles


Lunch ~ sandwiches (peanut butter with jelly or honey or turkey and cheese) with fresh fruits and veggies

Dinner ~ game night at a friend’s house



💕 It’s Byron’s and my 11th anniversary! We’re going away for the weekend and the kids are staying with my dad & stepmom. 💕


What I spent this week:

Here is my receipt from Walmart this week.

Weekly Menus from Our Cozy Den ~ Feeding a family of SIX for less than $175/month!

What I got: I only “needed” two things this week — almond milk and chicken strips. In reality, both of those were things I could have gone without if I wanted.

Free this week from WIC: 2 loaves of bread, 1 bag of oranges, 1 zucchini, 1 gallon of milk

Total spent: $9.95!


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