March Bulk Shop at GFS

Bulk Shopping at GFS ~ Our Cozy Den

If you’ve been following my weekly menus here on the blog, then you know that the majority of my groceries come from my monthly bulk shops at Gordon Food Service. I try to make most of the things we eat from scratch, using whole ingredients like eggs, flour, chicken, beef, cheese, brown rice, etc.

Here is my receipt from GFS this month:

Bulk Shopping at GFS ~ Our Cozy Den

This is what I bought, and how long I *estimate* that it will last (my estimates are always a guess, as sometimes we go through things faster or slower than I anticipated):

15 dozen eggs – 6 weeks

Mozzarella sticks – 1 month {impulse purchase, oops!}

15 pounds of potatoes – 3 weeks, I will use many of them to make frozen DIY tator tots (a 6+ month supply)

Olive/canola oil blend – 6 months

Black beans – 1 year or more

Colby jack string cheese – 1-2 months


I cashed in some rewards points to save $5.31 off my bill, so my total was $50.25!


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