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If you’ve been following my blog, you might know that this year I decided to do Twelve 30-day Challenges instead of a New Year’s Resolution. My reasons for doing this were numerous — but mostly I just feel like it’s an impossible and daunting task to try to be perfect at everything ALL the time. Doing small challenges allows each area of my life to get focused attention for a time.

As February winds to a close, I wanted to share how things went.

This month was Marriage Month. My focus was doing 30 little surprises, as well as 30 days of intimacy. This is a little awkward to talk about, but I try really hard to be pretty transparent with you guys, so here goes!

Let’s get the uncomfortable part out of the way first: the intimacy. I’ll admit, there were times when I really didn’t want to. And even a time or two when my husband didn’t want to. But we pressed on anyway, and in the end I was always glad we did. Let’s just say that here at the end of the month, things are better than they were at the beginning of the month. Making that part of our day a priority is important to any marriage!

Another thing that I made a priority this month was our couple time. Usually, blogging takes a big chunk of my afternoons, and I spend 2-4 hours on it. This month, I worked hard to get it done for the week ahead of time, either on the weekend, while he was out of the house running errands, or while he was in school on Tuesdays. {He only has school on Tuesdays, and the other 6 days of the week he is home with us!} Because I had freed up my afternoons, we were able to spend several hours together each day, without kids (our kids have quiet time in the afternoons).

2016 Challenge ~ Marriage Month! ~ Our Cozy Den
Working out together at the gym — we spent a TON of one-on-one time together this month!

For the 30 days of little surprises, these are a few examples of the things that I did to surprise Byron this month:

  • rent a movie he’d like
  • sleep ticket
  • got him a milkshake
  • wrote him a love note
  • pick him up his favorite donut
  • put on our song and dance to it
  • make him waffles
  • make him cookies
  • take him out for a date
  • give him a massage
  • give him a gift (new coat)
  • give him some cash (something he rarely has is spending money)
  • write him a poem
  • make his favorite dinner (one I hate, so super rare)
  • fold his laundry (in my house, everyone folds their own)
2016 Challenge ~ Marriage Month! ~ Our Cozy Den
This might have been his favorite gift!

I did other things as well, but the main idea was to show him that I was thinking of him, and he was in my thoughts.

One unexpected benefit to me spoiling Byron this month was that he started to spoil me back! It wasn’t every day, but every couple of days he’d come home with some ice cream or some other little thing to show that he loves me too.

All in all, I’d say marriage month was a great success!


Next month: Blog Month ~ I’m focusing on making my blog more user-friendly, increasing my readership, and having more FUN with it! I’ll be hiring several people on as blog promoters. {Send me a message on the facebook page if you’re interested in a 30-day job! It does pay!} I’m also planning on doing several giveaways, so get ready to WIN-WIN-WIN!!


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