How to Quickly Clean a Crazy Clutter Pile

How to Quickly Clean a Crazy Clutter Pile ~ Our Cozy Den

I’m a pretty organized person, but let’s face it: I live in this house with 5 other people, and it gets crazy pretty fast. We all have very busy schedules, and things pile up faster than I can even turn around sometimes.

When we have people coming over, I try my best to clean up ahead of time — the day before if possible. But that doesn’t always happen, and sometimes I end up running around with a laundry basket throwing random things in, and stashing it in my bedroom.

So at least once a month or so, I have to do a crazy clutter cleanup.

STEP 1: Gather the junk.

I gather any baskets of clutter, and I run around collecting as much other clutter as I can. I clean up every counter, tabletop, desk, and other places where random junk accumulates. Then I throw it in ONE. HUGE. PILE. on my bed.

How to Quickly Clean a Crazy Clutter Pile ~ Our Cozy Den
This is small for one of my normal piles. Usually it is much taller!
STEP 2: Start sorting.

The important part of this step is that you do not leave the room.  If you start putting things away at this point, your afternoon will end up like one huge episode of “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” and you will get hardly anything done. You will end up running from place to place, putting a few things away but finding other tasks that need done in the meantime.

Make a pile on the bed for each room of your house, and start chipping away at the big pile, putting things that go in each room together in the smaller piles. So I have a pile for the living room, kitchen, each kid’s bedroom, entryway, school area, basement, etc. — as well as a pile for recycling and a Walmart bag for garbage. {I like to turn on one of my favorite shows on the iPad to make this step a little more fun.} To sort a whole bed full of stuff, this step usually takes one episode (20 minutes).

How to Quickly Clean a Crazy Clutter Pile ~ Our Cozy Den

STEP 3: Put away the piles, one at a time.

Now it’s time to grab the piles one at a time and begin putting them away. Start with the room furthest from your sorting point and work your way backward. Don’t let yourself get distracted by other things, eyes on the prize! Make sure you just take one pile so you aren’t carrying too much at once, and put away each item in the pile as fast as you can.

Return to the bed and grab the next pile, continue until it is all done!
How to Quickly Clean a Crazy Clutter Pile ~ Our Cozy Den


This may seem simple, but it really works for me. Large amounts of junk everywhere feel inundating, but this method gets my whole house from crazy to clean in only about 30 minutes! And the best part is that things are actually put away properly, and not just stashed somewhere “for now”.

If guests are coming over, the only thing left to do is sweep the floors really quickly and wipe down the bathroom! Easy!

How to Quickly Clean a Crazy Clutter Pile ~ Our Cozy Den
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