Circle Time with Little Ones {with FREE printable!}

Circle Time with Our Cozy Den!

Circle Time was something I did every day with my older kids when they were younger. Somewhere along the way we moved on to bigger kid stuff and older kid subjects, and Circle Time got lost. About 18 months ago I started back up again with my younger two kids, because I felt like they were missing out (and even my 7 year old joins us of her own free will) — it’s just better to start the day with some dancing and fun!

This is how we do it!!

1. Prayer

One of my kids will open us up in prayer, to pray a blessing over our day. My 3 year old needs a lot of help (we say it and he repeats it), but my 5 and 7 year olds do it all on their own.

Circle Time with Our Cozy Den!
2. Circle Time Songs

These three songs we sing every time — a good morning song, a days of the week song, and a months of the year song. We made up motions, so there is lots of dancing too!

3. Calendar Time

I couldn’t find a copy of my exact calendar (it was a gift), but it looks very similar to this one and this one on amazon. We put up the date, season, and weather each day, and talk about what day it was yesterday and what day it will be tomorrow, to help develop time reasoning. You can also make one of these using some poster board, card stock, and velcro dots!

Circle Time with Our Cozy Den!

4. Fun Song

This song is a different one each day — I got about a dozen children’s music CDs from the library, loaded them all into my iTunes and made a Circle Time playlist on my iPad, so we have lots of choices! We sing along and dance to fun classics like I’m a Little Teapot or If You’re Happy and You Know It or The Wheels on the Bus or The Hokey Pokey. There are SO many, and the kids always root for their favorites! You can also find tons of options for free on YouTube — check out my tips here to find out how to download them for free!

Circle Time with Our Cozy Den!

5. Devotions

Last on our list is devotions. I bought this adorable devotional several years ago, and it is just perfect for this age group. It starts with a Bible verse (which I read and the kids repeat), then a short story with a moral lesson. And it ends with a cute rhyme!


So that’s our Circle Time! I put all of these steps on a printable, printed it off, and laminated it so that the kids can see what comes next! {Click Here} to download a copy to print for your own use!

Circle Time with Our Cozy Den!
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