Off we go: HAITI!!!

I am SO EXCITED to leave tonight on our long-awaited mission trip to Haiti!!

Off we go: Haiti! ~ Our Cozy Den

We have received overwhelming support from friends and family — thank you all so much who have given money and donations, and those praying for us!

Off we go: Haiti! ~ Our Cozy Den
We collected a WHOLE SUITCASE full of shoes!


If you’d like to pray for us while we are gone, here are some things you can add to your list:

*Prayer Requests* 

  • safe travels
  • open hearts for those we are ministering to
  • that we will encounter the people who need us
  • pray that God is with our words and actions, so we can represent Him in the best possible way!
  • no motion sickness {I’m a very sick traveler!}
  • pray for my mother-in-law Gina, who is holding down the fort at home and watching our 4 kids while we are gone! She’s a saint for being willing to do this for us!!

Off we go: Haiti! ~ Our Cozy Den

You won’t find any blog posts next week, so you’ll hear from me {and all about our trip!} when we get back! When we have internet available, I will try to post updates on Instagram, so follow me there if you’re not already!

Thank you all for your prayers!!

Off we go: Haiti! ~ Our Cozy Den

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