2016 Curriculum Roundup: Group Subjects

2016 Group Subjects from Our Cozy Den

Yesterday I shared with you all of the books & curriculum we are using with our kids for the subjects they do individually — on their own. Today, I’m going to tell you what we’re doing this year in our group subjects! These are always a lot more fun, and the kids enjoy them more!

Our Schedule

Before I tell you what we’re learning, I wanted to give you a quick rundown on what a typical school day looks like (excluding #FieldTripWednesday):

  • 6:30 – I get up and start getting my stuff done (devotions, online stuff)
  • 7:15 – I wake up kids to get showered and breakfast
  • 8:00 – circle time with Sophie (5) and Finn (3)
  • 8:20 – group subjects — we have 1 or 2 a day, depending on the day
  • 10:00 – we usually head out of the house somewhere, to homeschool PE or swim class, the library, running errands, the Y to work out, etc.
  • 11:30 – back home and eat lunch
  • 12:00 – independent subjects
  • as kids finish independent work, they head into their rooms for quiet time. Finn goes in at 1:00. Sophie (1st grade) usually finishes by 1-1:30, Lia (3rd grade) is done by 2, and Connor (5th grade) is wrapping up by 2:30-3.
  • I spend quiet time (until 4pm) blogging or working on my freelance writing assignments, while Byron does his schoolwork for seminary.
  • 4:00 – quiet time is over, kids grab a snack and begin chores; while I begin dinner prep
  • 5:30 – dinner
  • 6:45-7:45 – bedtime for the kids, based on age & behavior
  • 8:00 – devotion time for Byron & me
  • 9-10:00 – Byron and I watch tv, play games, or read together
  • 10:00 – start bedtime routine so I can be asleep by 10:30 (ideally)

Our Subjects

Now let’s take a look at our group subjects and the curriculum we are using for it! With almost ALL of our subjects, I supplement with library books & movies, as well as free educational movies from Amazon Prime (there are hundreds!). However, the materials below are the main backbone of our studies.


2016 Group Subjects from Our Cozy Den

We are learning about Plants and Weather this year in Science. To study weather, we are using Eyewitness Explorer Weather Watcher, a fun book that has experiments and info on all sorts of types of weather and weather phenomena. We are also using the You Track It Weather Lab to keep track of daily conditions at our home!

To study plants, we are using Science With Plants. This book has info about each type of plants (grasses, trees, flowers, food, carnivorous plants, and more), as well as experiments and hands-on activities that go with each type. We are also using the Color and Learn Plants coloring books. These are way more in-depth than regular coloring books, and very educational!



2016 Group Subjects from Our Cozy Den

Like in years past, we are continuing with Story of the World. We are in book 4 this year: The Modern Age. We read a chapter each week, and use along with it the Story of the World Activity Book, which includes maps, games, coloring pages, and more. Connor is also doing outlines for each chapter now that he is getting older, and Connor and Lia are both completing 3 various history projects throughout the year (one each on WW1, WW2, and Civil Rights).



2016 Group Subjects from Our Cozy Den

I’m trying to mix it up a little more in Spanish this year. We are continuing with Song School Spanish, which we started last year. I am adding in Let’s Learn Spanish, a simple but fun workbook, and DK Spanish — a book that is more conversation, games, and hands-on. We are supplementing with Little Pim Spanish on Amazon Prime, library books in Spanish, My First 1000 Words in Spanish, flash cards, and our large assortment of Spanish music CDs. We also watch our collection of DVDs with the language track in Spanish on Spanish days.



2016 Group Subjects from Our Cozy Den

Usually we do one additional elective each year — two years ago we did Health, last year we did Home Ec. This year we are doing Art. But then my husband wanted to add in another one, just for fun, so we are also doing Survival class. Byron totally took the reins on this, making the lesson plans and everything. So I don’t have to do anything for that. He has plans to teach the kids to build different kinds of survival shelters, build fires from scratch, navigate using a compass, and identify edible foods in the wild. The book he is using as his basis for this class is Camping & Survival: The Ultimate Outdoors Book.

For Art class, we are using How to Teach Art to Children. It begins with lessons on all the different facets of art, such as line, shape, color, texture, etc. Then it has a few dozen lessons on famous pieces of artwork, and instructions on how to use that method. We will be doing lots of learning and creating in this class! There is also a great {free!} art museum near my home that has scavenger hunts corresponding to many of our lessons.



So that sums up our Group Subjects for the year! I’d love to hear what group subjects you homeschoolers are teaching in YOUR homes!

2016 Group Subjects from Our Cozy Den
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