2016 Curriculum Roundup: Independent Subjects

2016 Curriculum Roundup ~ Our Cozy Den

Yesterday we started our first day of school for the 2016 school year!! We do a January through November school year, so each kid started a new grade this week. Connor is now in 5th grade, Lia is in 3rd grade, Sophie is in 1st grade, and Finn started pre-k. It’s a lot of moving pieces to work with this many kids, but somehow it works — and it certainly helps that Byron is home with me full time!

We have our day broken into two parts: group subjects that I teach the children all together {I’ll share more about these tomorrow!} and independent subjects, that have seatwork each child does on their own. They have minimal help from mom and dad, usually only guidance if they have a question. Obviously the younger two need more help reading and understanding directions.

These are the books & curriculum we are using for each child this year!

Connor ~ 5th Grade

2016 Curriculum Roundup ~ Our Cozy Den

Math: Teaching Textbooks 6 – we just use the CDs and it’s all done on the computer.

Reading: He’s working through a middle school reading list (books borrowed from the library), with comprehension questions found online.

Vocabulary: Word-a-day 5 – once our kids get older, we outgrow spelling and move onto vocabulary.

Handwriting: Scholastic Cursive Jokes

Geography: Daily Geography 5

Composition: How to Write a Story

Typing: typingclub.com 


Lia ~ 3rd Grade

2016 Curriculum Roundup ~ Our Cozy Den

Math: Teaching Textbooks 3 & 4 – she started TT3 last year, and will finish it up and move onto 4.

Reading: Daily Reading 4 (for 4 weeks) then novels with comprehension questions from superteacherworksheets.com every 5th week, and rotation like this all year.

Vocabulary: Word-a-day 3 – this is Lia’s first year doing vocab instead of spelling!

Handwriting: Scholastic Cursive Jokes

Geography: Daily Geography 3

Composition: Paragraph Writing

Test Prep: 2nd Grade Test Prep books from the Dollar Tree — this subject is not so much about learning the material as much as I want them to be somewhat familiar with standardized testing in case they ever have to take one, and learn how to take them. We only do 6 questions, once a week, so it’s not a huge focus.

Typing: typingclub.com 


Sophie ~ 1st Grade

2016 Curriculum Roundup ~ Our Cozy Den

Math: Daily Math Practice 1 (I couldn’t find this one for sale any more, they only have “common core” versions now…) with supplemental activities like iPad math games, manipulatives, flash cards, etc.

Reading: Grade 1 reading books that a teacher friend gave me, along with library reading books

Spelling: Building Spelling Skills 1 – this is a perfect intro-to-spelling book for kids who have never done spelling class before.

Handwriting: Disney Frozen handwriting book from the Dollar Tree

Composition: Daily 6-Trait Writing 1 – this book introduces basic grammar

Geography: Beginning Geography


Finn ~ Pre-K

My personal opinion is that kids in preschool need to do more playing and less sitting! I do plan on writing a full post later on how we homeschool preschool, but it’s not very many books as much as it is reading stories, playing games, and talking!


So those are our books for Independent Subjects this year! Check in tomorrow to see what we’re learning about in our Group Subjects!

2016 Curriculum Roundup ~ Our Cozy Den
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