Why We Don’t Do SANTA

Why We Don't Do Santa ~ Our Cozy Den

Most people I know celebrate Christmas the same way: Santa comes on Christmas Eve, leaving a mountain of toys for good little girls and boys. Our family chooses to celebrate a little differently, so I’m going to share with you how we do it!


1. Christmas is about Jesus, not Santa.

Christmas morning, we try really hard to focus on Christ. We wake up, and before any presents are opened, we eat Jesus’ birthday cake for breakfast (it’s a breakfasty apple-cinnamon cake) and sing “Happy Birthday” to him.

When it’s time to open presents, we remind the kids that it is not their birthday, but Jesus’. He is sharing his gifts with us, just like he gave us the gift of salvation on the cross.

From us, the kids each get 3 small gifts (averaging $10-15 each). This is because Jesus got 3 gifts from the Wise Men. He didn’t get a truckload of stuff.


2. Santa isn’t real.

This might seem silly, or self-explanatory, but I wanted to take a minute to explain that we are very careful to be truthful with our children at all times. We don’t tell them that Santa is real, in the same way that we don’t say the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy is real. If we expect our children to have faith in things they cannot see (God, the Holy Spirit, etc.), then we need to make sure their blind faith is rooted in truth. If they believe that Santa and the Easter Bunny and God are real, and they later find out that Santa and the Easter Bunny are not real, it could very likely shake their faith in God.


3. “Santa Claus” demeans the historical significance of St. Nicholas.

I love the story (stories) of St. Nicholas. He was a great man, who did great things. When we make up lies about him, saying that he flies around the world with magical reindeer, it demeans the value of the wonderful things he DID do.


4. Christmas can be magical without Santa.

This time of year is a wonderful time of giving and love and joy and hope. We don’t need Santa for any of those things. I have been accused of “robbing my children of their childhood” or “ruining the spirit of Christmas” by not encouraging them to believe in Santa. But I think that the spirit of Christmas that most people mistakenly place in Santa is really the Holy Spirit. And if you follow me on Instagram or read my post on Advent, you would see that my kids get plenty of wonderful Christmas memories!


I’d love to hear your thoughts!

How does your family celebrate?

*Please do not comment with judgement or negativity! I respect the views of others and love hearing about them; please afford me the same respect and do not lash out at our beliefs or traditions!*


2 thoughts on “Why We Don’t Do SANTA

  1. We don’t do Santa for the exact same reasons. We used to actually have a birthday party for Jesus Christmas morning, but although we still focus on His birth we got out of the party habit because this is the first time in a few years we weren’t moving around Christmas time!

  2. Stephanie says:

    Were the same way. We also dont put up a nativity. The wisemen visited Jesus later than at his birth. The Bible clearly states they visited him at a house. Plus they have the people with the wrong skin tone.

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