Homeschooling the 50 States for FREE!

How to Homeschool the 50 States for FREE! ~ With FREE printables, lesson plans, & resources! ~ Our Cozy Den

I’m a big proponent of using FREE resources for homeschooling as much as possible. In fact, it’s possible to homeschool completely for free if you really want to! {Check out this post for more ways you save money on homeschooling!}

I took a little of the work out of it for you today, and I put together this list of resources to homeschool the good ole U.S.A.’s 50 states for free! Here you’ll find printables, resources, links, and even tests!

:: Lesson Plans ::

This is what my lesson plans looked like each session. We did Geography twice a week for 30 weeks, for 60 total lessons. Items in italics are included in my free printable pack at the end of this page. (These lesson plans are also included in the printable pack!) All other items in the lesson plans you’ll find in the next section, called “Resources”.

On regular state days:

  1. Color in the state of the day on the map of the USA.
  2. Flip to the state coloring pages and color.
  3. Teacher reads the library books while students color. (Watch corresponding YouTube videos if interest is sparked, see below.)
  4. Get up and dance while you listen to the state song.
  5. Fill in stats on the state fact sheet.
  6. Play the flash card game, with candy or sticker prizes for the winners. (I would usually do 5 M&Ms for 1st place, 4 for 2nd, and 3 for 3rd, so they’re not having a TON of candy.)
  7. Mark our journey in the passports!

On review/testing days:

  1. Flip through the coloring pages about the states we covered since our last test. Quiz kids aloud on info while they look at their papers.
  2. Separate children from maps (we have a lot of maps in our house, so they have to take geography tests in odd rooms, like my bedroom and the bathroom).
  3. Have each child fill out the test on their own. Grade according to their abilities. {For example, I gave my kindergartener points for saying “we live here” for Ohio, but I would expect my 4th grader to actually put a fact.}

*I want to note that testing is not necessary! I do test occasionally (not in every subject), to teach the kids test taking skills. My kids also enjoy it, so it is not a point of contention for us. Feel free to omit tests and just review if that’s what you choose! Homeschooling should be fun!* 

Teacher Prep:

  • At the beginning of the year, print the teacher lesson plans, as well as the USA map, state fact sheets, and a passport for each child.
  • Each week, print off the coloring pages for the week, and the tests if you have one this week. Also pick up a few books for each state from the library.

:: Resources ::


Head over to Mud Puddle Soup and download a free USA Passport to mark your journey along the way.

50 States printable pages

USA Printables has coloring pages for every state, as well as maps!

Your library

Each week, gather books from your local library about the states you are covering that week. I would read the books to my kids as they colored the coloring pages (resource #2). We always made sure to talk about the state abbreviation, the capital, the motto, flag, and state flower/bird/etc. We also talked about defining features of that state — like the Everglades in Florida, Salt Lake in Utah, Niagara Falls in New York, etc.

YouTube videos

Look up video tours for all the places you talk about from your library books that interest the students. We loved watching tours of the International Peace Garden in North Dakota, Garden of the Gods in Colorado, and more!

State Songs

Kids love to dance, so put on the state song of the state of the day, and hop around!

Flash cards

This one is so simple! Cut some index cards or cardstock into small squares, write the states on one side and the abbreviations on the other side. We played each day, adding the new state every time, and by the end of the year, the kids knew them all! You could also do it with states and capitals!

:: FREE printable pack ::

Click here to download a FREE copy of my printable pack, which includes the teacher lesson plans, USA map, state fact sheet, and tests!

How to Homeschool the 50 States for FREE! ~ With FREE printables, lesson plans, & resources! ~ Our Cozy Den
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See?!? Homeschooling can be free!

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