Haiti: How You Can Help!

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Byron and I are SO excited that we are joining a missions team to Haiti this winter! I want to tell you a little bit about what we will be doing there and how YOU can help!!

Our team is going to be in Haiti from January 9th through the 16th. While we have both been on mission trips before, this is the first time to Haiti for both of us {though not the rest of the team — they are old pros!}

Haiti is an island nation in the Caribbean Sea. It shares the island of Hispañola with the Dominican Republic. It is a poverty-stricken nation, with a population of about 10 million and an average income-per-person of $790 per year. It is the poorest country in the western hemisphere.
Haiti: How You Can Help! ~ Our Cozy Den

One of the first things that drew my heart to this trip is the mission of Project Help Haiti. They are all about “teaching a man to fish”, and equipping people with the tools and knowledge necessary to be strong and self-sustaining.

Our team will be doing many things there, including meeting and worshipping with our sister church, Charette. We will be working on some small updating and repair projects at Charette church and other places. We will be going out into the community to meet the unreached and encourage them to know Jesus. And plans are in place to hold a soccer clinic to play with the youth in the area. (Byron will love this, as he is a huge soccer fan!)

Now let’s talk about some ways you can help!

If you’ve read my blog in the past, you may know that I’m a packing expert, and I won’t need much stuff personally. That means that I’ll have 1 or 2 full-sized suitcases that I can fill with goodies to bless that Haitian people.


One of the main problems I want to help is this terrible entirely preventable disease that afflicts the poor. Parasites enter their bodies through their feet, which wouldn’t happen if they only had shoes! I would love to be able to take a suitcase full of shoes to help the children there prevent the pain and affliction that comes with this disease. Simply pass along to me any shoes, new or old, that your family no longer needs.

Haiti: How You Can Help! ~ Our Cozy Den


I’m sure you can imagine, books are not easy to come by in Haiti. Amazon.com offers dozens of options in Haitian Creole, the native language of the children there. Simply purchase a book, and I will get it into the hands of a child there! {You can ship directly to me if you like, just send me an email at OurCozyDen@gmail.com or send me a private message on the Facebook page and I will give you my shipping address.} 
Haiti: How You Can Help! ~ Our Cozy Den

Other Goodies

In addition to the shoes and books, I would love to pass along any other small tokens that the people of Haiti might like. This includes clothing & accessories for adults; small toys, pencils, notebooks, and other things for children; or anything else that might make someone feel special and loved! Let me know what you have in mind and I can make sure that it will be okay to take into the country!


If you don’t want to go to the trouble of shopping for items, I will gladly accept cash donations as well! Every penny goes extremely far to spread the love of Jesus!

Send me an email at OurCozyDen@gmail.com or send me a private message on the Facebook page and I can tell you how to make this happen!


Lastly, I want to ask for prayer partners to pray for us in the months leading up to our trip, and especially during our time there! I would love to send you a free prayer magnet for your refrigerator, to help remind you of our mission and our travel dates.

Haiti: How You Can Help! ~ Our Cozy Den

Send me an email at OurCozyDen@gmail.com or send me a private message on the Facebook page with your mailing address and I will send one out to you!

Thank you!

Thank you for being with us in support and in spirit and in prayer! We are so excited to be the hands and feet of Jesus in Haiti!
Haiti: How You Can Help! ~ Our Cozy Den

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