My September Bulk Shop

When I share my weekly menus each week, I always say how most of my groceries come from my bulk shopping at GFS. Today, I’m going to show you what I purchased this month!

The things I bought at GFS this month were the following:

Bulk shopping at GFS ~ how we feed our family of 6 for less than $250/month! ~ Our Cozy Den
SoBe Lifewater, 3 packs of cheese, a large box of flavored oatmeal packets, 3 canisters of plain oatmeal (the kids mix 1 packet with 1/2 cup of plain), and a huge jug of extra virgin olive oil.

There are a few things I wanted that I did NOT buy — namely chicken. But it was not on sale and I did not have a coupon, so I decided to wait. We are almost out of chicken, so I guess I need to go easy on chicken dinners for a while.

I mentioned in July (the last time I bought cheese) that I expected it to last 3 months — well as it turns out a certain housesitter {when we went on our big Great Lakes Adventure} ate all of my cheese, so I had to replenish my supply early. And she asked me to pick her up a bag next time I went to GFS, so one of the bags I purchased here is hers.

Once we subtracted out my coupons, this was my total: Bulk shopping at GFS ~ how we feed our family of 6 for less than $250/month! ~ Our Cozy Den

Total spent: $86.72, subtract $6.99 for the pack of cheese that wasn’t mine, total = $79.73.


I don’t usually shop at Aldi, because I usually find it is easier to just price match the Aldi prices at Walmart. However, on this particular day it was convenient to me because Aldi is right next door to GFS in my town. I didn’t even have to move my car — so I popped in to pick up a few things:

Bulk shopping at GFS ~ how we feed our family of 6 for less than $250/month! ~ Our Cozy Den
Potatoes, toilet paper, and gum

GFS total: $79.73 + Aldi total: $10.44 = September bulk shop total: $90.17

I had a reader ask me a few weeks ago where in my budget I put things like toiletries, paper products, & cleaning supplies. I do put them in my grocery budget, and it’s included in my $250/month. You can see here that I picked up a large pack of toilet paper. There are cheaper ones at GFS, but I there are some places I just refuse to scrimp on quality in order to save. I don’t want my toilet paper to feel like sandpaper. And you can see in the top photo that I buy the highest quality oil (canola oil or the like would be much cheaper).

I will say that I don’t buy items in these categories very often though. I do almost all of my cleaning with either vinegar or just plain water. I make my own laundry detergent and dishwasher soap. I also make homemade deodorant for hubby and me. For things like soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, etc. — I have a huge stockpile that I’ve been using. I got great deals on this stuff about 6-7 years ago when I was a great couponer. Coupons don’t seem to be quite the same any more. I fear those “Extreme Couponing” shows have ruined it for all of us. So I don’t get that stuff for free any more. When my stockpile begins to be depleted, I will explore new recipes for making DIY versions of them.

Let me know if you have any DIY recipes you’d like me to try! I’m always looking to add to my aresenal!

Thanks for stopping by!

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