My July Bulk Shop at GFS (and giveaway winner!!!)

Bulk Shopping at GFS ~ Our Cozy Den

Earlier this month, I told you guys how I do my bulk shopping at GFS, and I showed you what I purchased in June.

Well, now I’m back to tell show you my receipts for July, and show you what I bought there this month! I’m also going to announce who won the giveaway for a GFS gift card, so hold on just a sec for that!

Here is my July receipt for my GFS shop:

Bulk Shopping at GFS ~ Our Cozy Den

This is what I purchased, and how long I *expect* it to last.

-2 large bags of shredded cheese, 1 cheddar and 1 mexican blend (3 months)

-2 large packages of cheese snack sticks, 1 cheddar and 1 colby jack (2 months)

-on sale from $8.99 to $7.99, plus $1.00 off coupon, making them $6.99/pack

-Cheez-It Party Mix* (3 months)

-Large tub of peanuts (3 months)

-Goldfish crackers* (2 months)

-2 tubs of oatmeal (1 month)

-1 gallon of vinegar (6-8 months)

-HUGE box of sausage links (12 months)

-$19.99 minus $5 off coupon = $14.99 for the case

-Sobe Lifewater (3 months)

Plus I also had my $10 off $85 coupon, which saved me some more on top of it all. And I earned 512 Gordon Go points, which is worth about $2.50.

Now, I have a few disclaimers here. I don’t usually buy Cheez-It Party Mix or Goldfish Crackers. But my oldest son, Connor, got braces last week. When he came home, the list of things he couldn’t eat was… everything we usually eat. So I was desperate to find something that he could snack on, at least until I come up with some new homemade alternatives.

The Sobe Lifewater is probably my main “splurge” here. Since I got diagnosed with PCOS, I can’t drink anything but water any more – no milk, juice, soda, coffee, tea, nothing. Sobe Lifewater is literally the only drink I have found which has ingredients that fall in my okay list. So I have one a week as a treat. No, it’s not necessary.

The rest of the list is pretty self explanatory: cheese, meat, oatmeal, vinegar, nuts– normal pantry refill stuff!

So here’s my rundown for all of my July grocery spending. I have budgeted $250 in my envelope, so let’s see how my total is:

July 5th-11th shop: $21.66

July 12th-18th shop: $22.64

July 19th-25th shop: $34.41

July 26th-August 1st shop: $22.21

GFS bulk shop: $92.26

Drumroll please… total spent this month: $193.18!

So what did I do with the leftover money? Well, I’m saving to buy a quarter cow this fall, so I set it aside for that! We got one last November, and I estimate that it will last us just about a year.

Win A GFS Gift Card ~ How we feed our family of 6 for under $250 a month! ~ Our Cozy Den

Now, for the part you’ve all been waiting for — who won the giveaway?

I’m happy to announce that the winner is Kelly D.!!!

Congratulations Kelly! You’ll be getting an email from me soon about how to get your prize!


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