Encouraging Kids to Eat Healthy (with FREE printable food pyramid!)

Encouraging Kids to Eat Healthy (with FREE printable food pyramid!) ~ Our Cozy Den

I was getting fed up. My kids were asking me for food constantly, and my response was always, “What did you already eat today?” Then they would list foods, while I dissect which food groups they were lacking. Then I would make a few snack suggestions. It got old, and it took up a lot of my time. But I also didn’t want them to have free reign on snacks, because they would choose carbs about 150% of the time.

So I decided that we needed individual food pyramids that they could use to track their daily intake. All of the food pyramids I could find online were the outdated (and wrong) 1950’s version that encourages all that wheat. This is my own recommendation for my family, based on my many years of reading book after book and blog after blog about healthy eating and dietary recommendations. (disclaimer: I’m not a doctor, just a mom. If you have concerns about it, ask your doctor.)

So I printed out our pyramids, laminated them, and hung them on the refrigerator… IMG_2848

Then each child used dry erase crayons to check off their boxes as they ate throughout the day…


And they easily chose a more well-rounded diet, without any prompting from me!



CLICK HERE to download your own copy of my Healthy Eating Pyramid! I printed 2-per-page for my family, so they would fit easily on my refrigerator door. Hope your family enjoys it!

Happy Snacking!

3 thoughts on “Encouraging Kids to Eat Healthy (with FREE printable food pyramid!)

  1. whimsymum says:

    Just printed this TODAY. Starting it immediately! I’ve got a grazer, and he’s never hungry at meal times, so it’s hard to make all the “good stuff” fit into a meal times. Hoping that checking the boxes will be a fun way to track his intake. It will also help me be on top of my game with having the right stuff on hand–all the time!

    • I like that it frees my brain. I don’t have to keep track of what they’re eating as much, because they do it. I just remind them to check it after meals/snacks, and when they are hungry, they know to look and see what they are lacking.

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