Findlay Summer Park Passport (FREE printable!)

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Spring is here!!! I don’t know about you, but my kids LOVE playgrounds. We also love to visit all the lovely playgrounds that our community has to offer! One thing I do to make this fun for them, and to make sure we don’t miss any great spots, is to make a little park passport to chronicle the parks that we visit.

Since I was making it for us anyway, I decided to go ahead and make it a free printable for all of my local readers so you can print and use as well!

If you are not local to me, the passports are very easy to make. I use’s list feature to drop pins on a map. Once I have all the parks on there, make a screen shot of the map you’ve created. Paste your image into a Microsoft Word document, along with a list of your parks, and a title page, using the format seen on my example. Print and assemble according to my instructions, and you’re done!

How to assemble your park passport:

It’s easy!


1. Print on regular printer paper.

2. Cut in half.

3. Place the two halves together, blank sides facing each other. Fold in half with the map on the inside, and staple in the middle.

4. That’s it! Your passport is done. You can glue/tape/staple the blank sides together if you want, but I don’t bother with it. We use little stickers to denote the parks we have visited, and after we have hit them all, we usually celebrate with ice cream!

Click here to download your FREE Findlay, Ohio park passport printable!

Have a happy summer!!!

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