What I miss about Germany

Before I left Germany, I wrote a blog post about what I missed about the USA. I am SO happy to be back on American soil and to be enjoying those luxuries again.

But now that we have been back for 10 months, I’m reminiscing fondly about the things I miss about Germany!

Here are a few things on my list.

The Running Paths

The entire German countryside is a patchwork of paved farm roads which are perfect for running. There are no cars, only horses and the occasional tractor. You could run for miles and miles and miles without having to step foot on a street. And the view was breathtaking, too.


The Driving

I mentioned the difference between American and German driving when I first moved to Germany. In Germany, it’s smoother sailing overall. Here in the US, it’s very stop-and-go.

*I do NOT miss the parking issues. I love in the US that I can park right in front of the store that I am visiting. And my van fits in the spot! With room to spare! And parking is free!

The Home Features

I loved our house in Germany. And not only because we had 5 awesome bedrooms! I sure miss that.

But I also loved so many features of German houses. I love the lightswitches and the fact that I had one right next to the bed, so I didn’t have to walk across the room to turn out the light. I love the towel warmers in the bathrooms. I love the giant spacious closets and cabinets with built-in storage shelving. I love the soundproofness of our house. Oh, how I miss that! I also miss our balcony!

The Neighborhood

We lived in military housing, so there were kids EVERYWHERE. I loved that I could send the kids out to play and they had a dozen friends to play with at any given time. And I love the sidewalks all over (perfect for sidewalk chalk and scooter riding!) and the numerous playgrounds.


The Homeschool Group

We were all so close, and we spent so much time together. I miss them all, so much. Some of the best people I’ve ever met were my fellow homeschool moms in Germany.

The Travel Opportunities

Of course, I couldn’t forgo mentioning my favorite perk of life overseas – the traveling! While we were in Germany, we visited sixteen countries!! It was the experience of a lifetime.


Military friends, what were your favorite things about living overseas? 


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