Endless Weekends

I’m sure you have heard the old saying “You never get to the end of your life and wish you had spent more time working or earned more money or success. You wish that you had spent more time with your family.”

I’ve gotten several comments lately about how lucky I am to have my husband around all the time. I know, BELIEVE ME, I know.

18 months ago, Byron was a First Sergeant in the Army. He was up at 4 am every day and off to work. He often didn’t come home until 8 or 9 pm, or later. Sometimes he worked all night and didn’t come home at all. That’s life for a soldier, especially one in a leadership position.

Today, life is pretty different.

Byron has school on Tuesdays, but other than that he’s home all the time. I do some freelance work in my free time, bringing in a few hundred a month, so we are blessed to spend all day together. Life is like one big long weekend 🙂

Here’s a typical day for us now:

We get up at 7 or 8 and get the big kids in the shower. Then we do about 30-45 minutes of schoolwork.

At 9, everybody does their chores.

At 9:30-10, we usually head out somewhere fun. Sometimes we go to the library, running errands, the park, the children’s museum, swimming at the YMCA, farmer’s markets, field trips, or anywhere we want!

At 12:30-1, we do some more schoolwork, which lasts 2-3 hours.

From 3-4, all the kids are in quiet time, and we relax for a bit – reading books or devotionals, talking and praying.

After quiet time, the kids have a snack and go outside and play.

We eat dinner around 5-5:30.

Then several nights of the week we have scheduled activities – Monday night I go out to Zpraise (Christian Zumba), Wednesday night we have Kids Club and Bible studies at church (and right now I’m teaching Dave Ramsey’s FPU!), Thursday night I have book club, Friday night is Date Night, and Saturday night is Game Night!

We have a full, blessed life. It feels busy at times, but it’s all quality stuff. A lot of things we want to do and very little that we have to do.

Thank you God.

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