Niagara Falls Mission Trip – part 3: Canada

The final part of our trip: Canada! The drive from my house to Niagara Falls is about 5.5-6 hours either way – driving through Pennsylvania/New York, or driving through Canada/Michigan. So we decided to head through Canada on the way back, so we could check another country off our list!

Crossing the border took 30-45 minutes both times.


A short drive later, and we arrived at our destination: Toronto!

Downtown Toronto was SO pretty! IMG_1443

The kids loved the moose on the juice. IMG_1448

We went to the top of the magnificent CN Tower! IMG_1450

And we stood on the famous glass floor! IMG_1457

Connor lying down on the glass floor. IMG_1459

Lia wasn’t so sure about it. IMG_1460 IMG_1463

Connor got attacked by a bear in the gift shop!!!

And we saw an awesome Lego replica of the tower there, too. IMG_1474

Outside: Dusty Crophopper!!! Finn would have LOVED this. IMG_1475

Next, we went to the old steam engine yard. IMG_1476

And we rode a mini steam engine around. IMG_1481

Even the playground was shaped like a train!


Then, we went to the harbor and put our feet in the water. IMG_1489

And looked at all the different kinds of boats. IMG_1491

Last, we went to a Chinese heritage festival, because we’ve been studying ancient China in history class. While we were there, we got to make REAL Chinese kites. (for free!) IMG_1494 IMG_1502 IMG_1506

And check out the ancient Chinese clothing! IMG_1515

After our day in Toronto, we went back to our hotel and enjoyed the pool. The next day we grabbed some Tim Horton’s (of course) and headed home! We missed Byron, Sophie, and Finn, but we had a GREAT time!

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