Niagara Falls Mission Trip – part 2: Hope Club

Here we have the real reason we went to Niagara Falls – Hope Club. This amazing family, the Thumans, reaches out to kids in their community every week, helping these kids to know about Jesus, have fun in a safe environment, and even providing them with basic needs that they might not otherwise get. Once a year, they also do a week-long day camp, which includes several different classes that kids can take. This year, they offered singing, martial arts, how to be a clown, sports & games, Bible, crafts, and treasure hunting. It was a blast for all the kids.

Connor and Lia helped with all of the setup and tear-down. Then during the session they attended classes with all of the other kids. It was so heartwarming to see them serving and learning.

Here are some photos of our week with the kids of Hope Club:

IMG_1167 IMG_1169 IMG_1187 IMG_1241 IMG_1251 IMG_1269 IMG_1283 IMG_1290 IMG_1291 IMG_1294 IMG_1298 IMG_1314 IMG_1319 IMG_1342 IMG_1372 IMG_1393

It was an awesome time, and those kids were just incredible! They were so fun, full of life, and happy. I’m so glad I got to know them!

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