National Museum of the Great Lakes

We went with my dad to Toledo to visit the National Museum of the Great Lakes. They were also having a boat show on site, so it was packed full of cool stuff. Here are some photos from the day:

The pretty boats in the harbor, with the bridge behind


The little 1-person boats.

Finn, checking things out.


Interactive map of the Great Lakes.

They thought the “water” floor was SO cool. IMG_1873

All those ropes are astounding. How do the sailors know which is which?!?IMG_1868

On board the “pirate ship”.IMG_1867

Bell, labeled 1799. Awesome.IMG_1865

We JUST learned about canons the other day, so this was perfect. IMG_1861

The pirate ship. IMG_1860

Finn loved seeing all the boats! IMG_1877

Steering the ship. He likes to be in control! IMG_1889

I loved all the old captains’ logs. IMG_1897

Lia found a treasure chest! IMG_1900

Playing with the interactive exhibits. IMG_1907

The train, dropping off cargo. IMG_1908

Taking the cargo up the chute. IMG_1914

Stoking the boiler! IMG_1915

Hauling cargo now.IMG_1917

Going on board the big cargo freighter.

Finn wasn’t sure about the fake owl. IMG_1922

Seeing where the sailors lived. IMG_1924

After the museum, Mexican lunch on the river. IMG_1929

My dad and Melanie, who treated us to such a wonderful day! IMG_1935

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