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I don’t make all of our Christmas gifts. There are some years I don’t make any. When I do make them, it tends to happen in mass production, because it’s easier and cheaper that way, as many craft supplies are sold in multipacks.

Here is one of my favorites:

Art of the Month Club

I made a wooden plaque for each of the 4 grandparents. I got this at Hobby Lobby in a week where the wood stuff was 50% off. I painted them and put a nice piece of scrapbook paper in it, then added chipbook letters and some 3D embellishments.

It said our family’s last name after L’il, but I blurred that out.

It was accompanied by a certificate that said

Merry Christmas! Your gift this year is one that you will continue to receive all year long~  This certificate entitles [Grandparent’s name] to a one year subscription in the [last name] Family Art-of-the-Month Club. Each month, for the entire year of 20xx, you will receive an Original piece of artwork for you to display on your custom-made Art-of-the-month Club frame. Included with your gift is a bonus piece of art to display in December 20xx. These Originals are made by such well-known artists as [child’s name] and [other child’s name].

It has definitely been one of my better ideas. The grandparents love getting art from the kids every month. And the kids are doing tons of crafts anyway, so I feel like these can be shared and I don’t have to throw them away. The plaques themselves cost about $12 total (to make 4), so my only cost has been postage throughout the year.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Definitely using this idea for Christmas since my little guy will be just be old enough to start making some crafts at that point. Thank you for the inspiration!

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